The NSA Boss on Global Surveillance and Spying

A YouTube video in which NSA boss Keith Alexander tries “to set the record straight” on the agency’s spying antics has nosedived. The half-hour interview triggered a wave of criticism from users, branding it the “most hated” video on YouTube in 2013.

In the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations on the massive espionage programs of the NSA, the spy agency has been hard pressed to defend its reputation. Since the security leaks emerged in May, the NSA has embarked on a campaign to clear its name. As part of the push, the US Defense Department published a video on YouTube in October seeking to justify the agency’s spy campaign.

However, the video had far from the desired effect and has been branded as one of the “most hated” videos of the year. Out of the 187,833 people who have viewed the video up until now 16,407 have hit the dislike button, compared to a mere 300 who “liked” the video.

Source: RT USA

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1 Response to The NSA Boss on Global Surveillance and Spying

  1. peteybee says:

    Well if that gentleman got his wish and lived in a Stalinist totalitarian state, then right about now, Stalin would be ordering him to be boiled in oil for making such a tremendously damaging mistake:

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