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“Drugs Aren’t the Problem”: Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science & Myths About Addiction

As we continue our conversation on the nationwide shift toward liberalizing drug laws, we are joined by the groundbreaking neuropsychopharmacologist Dr. Carl Hart. He is the first tenured African-American professor in the sciences at Columbia University, where he is an … Continue reading

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Ariel Sharon’s Legacy Includes Massacres of Palestinians and Lebanese

Also watch Part 2: Sharon Symbolized the Darkest Aspects of Israeli Society and Zionism See also: Ariel Sharon, whose political career was unhindered by civilian massacres, dies at 85 | The Crimes of Ariel Sharon | Final Words on Sharon … Continue reading

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Eva Bartlett: An Eyewitnesses Account About the Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine

In this interview Eva Bartlett gives an eyewitness account about the Israeli military occupation of Palestine, the Israeli wars on the Palestinians and how the Israeli government has deliberately created a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Visit Eva Bartlett’s … Continue reading

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