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Welcome to Hell… in Norway

Whilst Hell has frozen over in Michigan (USA), Hell in Norway is still, well… hot as Hell. Hell is a quaint little village in Norway that’s the resting place of 1,600 souls. There are red-roofed houses, a post office, a … Continue reading

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Expert: Extreme Cold Actually Caused by Global Warming!?

In fact, despite the trolling of climate change deniers, global warming is probably contributing to the record cold, as counter-intuitive as that may seem. The key factor is a feedback mechanism of climate change known as Arctic amplification. Here’s how … Continue reading

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10 Years Later, Bin Laden & Al Qaida Have Won…

Robert Parry, Consortium News joins Thom Hartmann. Al Qaeda is back – with a vengeance. Islamic militants linked to the terrorist group have taken over two Iraqi cities – almost 10 years after the American military took those same cities … Continue reading

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