Saudi ‘Gift’ to Hide Its Terror Hand

Russia has strongly condemned as a “terrorist act” the fatal twin bombings outside the Iranian Embassy in the Lebanese capital Beirut. (Source: Press TV)

By Finian Cunningham

Saudi largesse is throwing money again – in a bid to cover up its bloodstained hands in violence hitting the Middle East and beyond.

The latest public relations gimmick is the “donation” of $3 billion to the Lebanese army made by Saudi King Abdullah at the weekend.

The Saudi cash – twice the national military budget of Lebanon – is being regaled in the Western media as a noble offer to secure Lebanon from recent terror attacks.

The announcement was made during a visit to Riyadh by French President Francois Hollande, who met the Saudi king and the latter’s Lebanese proxy, Saad Hariri.

The new Saudi military aid to Lebanon is tied to the condition that it must be spent on purchasing French weaponry.

Already, the outlines of a sleazy deal are emerging. The above political actors have done much to destabilize Lebanon with violence, which is now being blamed on the wrong people – Shia Hezbollah – thanks to the deft finger work of billionaire Paris-exile Hariri.

One of the main protagonists of terrorism – Saudi Arabia – now steps in with a military aid “gift” that will allow it to influence the Lebanese army to go after Saudi enemy Hezbollah.

Such an insidious interference by Saudi Arabia in the internal affairs of Lebanon can only but incite further sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shia in that country, which is still recovering from a 15-year civil war.

Source: Press TV

Lebanon Shoots at Syrian Warplanes for First Time

Lebanese troops opened fire on Syrian warplanes violating Lebanese airspace on Monday. According to Lebanon’s National News Agency, the incident occurred as the Syrians raided Khirbet Daoud, which lies between Homs and Damascus on the Lebanese side of the border.

The Lebanese response is thought to be the first of its kind in the Syrian war. Lebanon has previously avoided responding to Syrian attacks on rebel shelters in its territory so as not to be dragged into the bloody conflict.

The recent military action comes on the heels of an announcement that Saudi Arabia will contribute $3 billion to fund the Lebanese army. The announcement is being seen as part of the Gulf state’s rigorous efforts to counter Iranian influence in the region, as Riyadh pursues a more aggressive foreign policy following tensions with the US over how to handle the Syrian conflict.

Source: Israel National News

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