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Washington Has Enabled Israeli Extremism

Two weeks ago, Jerusalem was rocked by violence as bands of Jewish Israeli extremists rampaged through Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem chanting “death to Arabs.” Making their way through the city, mobs hurled rocks at Palestinian homes and assaulted passersby … Continue reading

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American Hypocrisy and Complicity

American political language does not have the capacity to address Palestine because it is disabled by white supremacy. By Mariam Barghouti Over the past few weeks, as the Israeli colonial forces escalated their brutal violence against the Palestinians of occupied … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Fact-Checking

Distortions and outright lies by politicians and pundits have become so common that major news outlets like the Associated Press, CNN, BBC, Fox News, and Washington Post routinely assign journalists and fact-checkers to verify claims made during stump speeches and … Continue reading

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