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Trump’s EU Poodles – Germany, Britain And France – Obey His Order to Kill the Nuclear Deal With Iran

Trump’s EU Poodles (Image source: Moon of Alabama) The European poodles who co-signed the nuclear deal with Iran – Britain, France and Germany (the EU3) – have been told by the Trump administration to kill the agreement. Today they started … Continue reading

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Soft Occupation. Investigating America’s Influence on German Politics

Investigative journalist Jurij Kofner is a German citizen. To question the extent to which his country’s policy decisions are influenced by America’s agenda, he explores Germany’s post-war history to understand how relations with the US were formed. He also looks … Continue reading

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Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan

This is the satirical video that the state of Turkey wants banned in Germany. (English subtitles)

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The Times They Are A-Changin’

I don’t know who made this brilliant caricature, but I think it sums up the current shift of world power balance pretty well. Title inspired by an old Bob Dylan song from 1964. EU turn: ‘European policies must not be … Continue reading

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EU to Kosovo Refugees: Don’t Waste Time Seeking Asylum!

Kosovo’s biggest daily newspaper has published a full-page appeal from Austria not to waste time and money trying to get asylum in the EU. The call comes after a surge in the number of Kosovars smuggling themselves out of the … Continue reading

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Germany Drops Inquiry into NSA Spying

Germany is dropping its inquiry into the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices due to what the government calls a lack of evidence. The announcement leaves many Germans wondering how committed the government is to oversight. Classified documents released by whistleblower … Continue reading

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