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The Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Sabotages

The former Polish FM, now European MP Radek Sikorski, has personally thanked the United States for the damages done yesterday to the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. Apparently, he’s no friend of Germany. Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, … Continue reading

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Trump’s EU Poodles – Germany, Britain And France – Obey His Order to Kill the Nuclear Deal With Iran

Trump’s EU Poodles (Image source: Moon of Alabama) The European poodles who co-signed the nuclear deal with Iran – Britain, France and Germany (the EU3) – have been told by the Trump administration to kill the agreement. Today they started … Continue reading

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Soft Occupation. Investigating America’s Influence on German Politics

Investigative journalist Jurij Kofner is a German citizen. To question the extent to which his country’s policy decisions are influenced by America’s agenda, he explores Germany’s post-war history to understand how relations with the US were formed. He also looks … Continue reading

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Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan

This is the satirical video that the state of Turkey wants banned in Germany. (English subtitles)

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The Times They Are A-Changin’

I don’t know who made this brilliant caricature, but I think it sums up the current shift of world power balance pretty well. Title inspired by an old Bob Dylan song from 1964. EU turn: ‘European policies must not be … Continue reading

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EU to Kosovo Refugees: Don’t Waste Time Seeking Asylum!

Kosovo’s biggest daily newspaper has published a full-page appeal from Austria not to waste time and money trying to get asylum in the EU. The call comes after a surge in the number of Kosovars smuggling themselves out of the … Continue reading

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Germany Drops Inquiry into NSA Spying

Germany is dropping its inquiry into the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices due to what the government calls a lack of evidence. The announcement leaves many Germans wondering how committed the government is to oversight. Classified documents released by whistleblower … Continue reading

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