‘Lie of the Year’ Prize Goes to Barack Obama

It’s probably not the kind of recognition he wanted to receive, but President Barack Obama has been awarded PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” for 2013.

The infamous prize, handed out annually by the fact-checking website PolitiFact, was given to Obama because of his statements claiming that Americans would be able to keep their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act if they liked their plan.

Obama’s explanation didn’t pass muster, however, especially since he’d been captured on video promising that health care plans would stay in place at least two dozen times. Facing public backlash, Obama apologized and unveiled a one-year plan to allow insurers keep selling existing plans that are about to be cancelled.

Source: RT USA

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1 Response to ‘Lie of the Year’ Prize Goes to Barack Obama

  1. Keld Bach says:

    As a non-American I’m more concerned about how Obama performs abroad and in this regard he hasn’t fulfilled any of his promises. So, to the American people: If you like your drone president, you can keep your drone president – but please tell him to return the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded after only one week in office. Sadly, it turned out he didn’t deserve it!

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