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Putin: I Envy Obama, Because He Can ‘Spy’ and Get Away with It

“I envy Obama because he can spy on his allies without any consequences,” said Putin when asked about how his relations had changed with the US following Snowden’s espionage revelations. During an annual question-and-answer session with journalists, Putin praised Edward … Continue reading

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Washington to Negotiate with Islamic Front in Syria

Abductions, torture, killing, sharia courts, secret prisons with “inhuman” conditions – that’s what an Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group in Syria is accused of in the latest report by Amnesty International. Victims included children as young as eight. According to the Amnesty … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda Leader in Syria Speaks to Al Jazeera

The leader of al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, one of the most powerful groups in the war-torn country, has told Al Jazeera that that the conflict is nearing an end and that his fighters hold the upper hand. In his first-ever … Continue reading

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Al-Jaafari: Terrorists Supported by Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Committed Massacres in Adra

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari called for pressuring the governing regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to cease funding, supporting and providing facilitations to the terrorist groups which are committing barbaric massacres against civilians in … Continue reading

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