Old USSR Caricature on Syria

The image called “Odhalená agresia” (Revealed aggression) by Viliam Weisskopf (* 1906 – † 1964) was published in the popular Slovakian satirical magazine Roháč back in 1958. Not much has changed since then.

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4 Responses to Old USSR Caricature on Syria

  1. Norman Pilon says:

    Sadly, not much, indeed.

  2. While I’m fully aware the CIA and State Department have been priming the Syrian opposition for nearly a decade, I’ve been really interested in recent studies linking the outbreak of the Syrian civil war to climate change and a severe drought that caused farmers to abandon their land and flock to the city: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/03/150302-syria-war-climate-change-drought/

    • Keld Bach says:

      Thanks for the link. The drought did indeed play a major role in the uprising against the Syrian government at that time, but the protests didn’t turn violent until snipers started to shoot and kill demonstrators as well as security forces around March 2011. The tipping point was probably the Houla Massacre a couple of months later which reportedly was committed by Sunny militants, but falsely blamed on the Assad forces. Also see this article.

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