Legendary Tesla Towers are Operational in Russia

Many people still dream about wireless power transmission that Nikola Tesla developed back in 1970s. Scientists are still puzzled how the genius scientists managed to do this, however the “Wardenclyffe Tower” or more popular name Tesla Tower was built on the Manhattan Island in 1900’s. Project was never completed, most likely due to lack of money income for his experiments. He believed that his Tower projects would be the most effective electric systems in world where he could produce and transfer vast amount of energy across great distances. Imagine the world without all those electrical cables in household, neighborhood and between cities? It sounds great, and that’s just what he had in mind!

Today scientists are close to wireless power transmission dream of genius Nikola Tesla. Funny thing is the person that is making the most progress on this area is again a person from Croatia, young scientist called Marin Soljačić. If Soljačić team manages to complete their wireless transmission it will be another scientific breakthrough that will change our world beyond recognition, to a better stance we hope!

What Tesla had in mind and never managed to complete beyond mere trials is what now Croatian scientist might manage to do. With already built Tesla towers in Russia that have the option to store electrical energy but still need to transmit it via cables, we might be entering a new era of development of human civilization.

If you want to see how Tesla towers look like you can see them just 40km from Moscow and at the moment this is the only example of such electric generators in the world, and yeah it’s energy can supply the entire Russia (however just for 100 microseconds).

Source: Slavorum

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1 Response to Legendary Tesla Towers are Operational in Russia

  1. Keld Bach says:

    Correction: Nikola Tesla was actually a Serbian American (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943).

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