Putin’s 15 Years in Power

The Russian president on “Direct Line With Vladimir Putin,” April 17, 2014 (via Hoffington Post).

The film PRESIDENT contains never-seen-before footage from some of the biggest highlights of Putin’s career, and of Russia’s history for the last decade and a half: the war in Chechnya, the battle with the oligarchs, the Kursk submarine tragedy, Beslan, the 2008 crisis. Among the revelations Putin makes in his interview sections is the admission of direct involvement of Western intelligence agencies in supporting Islamic terrorism in Chechnya. While it’s no surprise to the alternative media, it’s the first time Putin has officially confirmed such involvement. Nothing has changed since the CIA created the mujaheddin to battle the Soviets in Afghanistan. (Note: if the embedded videos do not play correctly, follow the link to the original LiveLeak page by clicking on the episode title.)

Watch the film at Sott.net

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2 Responses to Putin’s 15 Years in Power

  1. Norman Pilon says:

    A nice trove. 8 episodes of approximatly 20 minutes each. On the menu for later this evening. Many thanks.

    • Keld Bach says:

      You’re most welcome. The film is absolutely worth watching, although some might say that Putin is painted in a little too positive light. Especially when it comes to the terror attacks against the school in Beslan and the theatre in Moscow. Anyway, hope you enjoy the videos 🙂

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