The Fifth Column in Russia

A coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Orange Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement. The coup facilitator is the fifth column, which dominates the mass-media and public servants all the way up to government ministers, a point barely known within Russia, never mind outside. However, the people’s insurrection in Ukraine could wake up enough people in Russia to restore national sovereignty. In the next few years it will come to a head, with only two possible outcomes: the destruction of Russian civilization or the collapse of the American empire.

Major segments:
0:19:51 – Washington’s mechanisms of control via the fifth column in Ukraine (coup launched) and Russia (coup in preparation).
0:47:03 – Novorossia could mobilize an army big enough to liberate all Ukraine.
0:55:34 – The armed coup was launched even though Yanukovych was capitulating, in order to establish conditions for terror and massacres.
1:03:46 – Novorossia has eliminated the fifth column. This will be emulated in neighboring territories.
1:08:57 – The foreign ‘mercenaries’ are likely equipment operators (tanks, planes,..).
1:25:31 – Fifth column agitators will try to get Putin overthrown for his “inaction” over Ukraine.
1:30:00 – Mechanisms for construction of the fifth column.
1:39:19 – The global crusade of the Anglo-Saxons — banditry & exploitation, obscured by style, finesse and copious marketing.
1:45:18 – Parallels between the German and American invasions of USSR/Russia (then and now).

Related: Interview with Deputy Defense Minister of Russia – Dmitry Rogozin

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8 Responses to The Fifth Column in Russia

  1. avatar says:

    IN 2008 Russia and china had the opportunity to destroy IMF and world bank and the american -british system of looting the world ;but foolishly these two countries ,on prompting from parasite england, recommended IMF and world bank to lead new economic system! How stupid of these countries and that is why they never go up in world because of their stupidity.
    therefore china and russia msut prepare for war which is coming there way-but thse stupiud countries are allowingf anglosaxon to win in libya andnow in syria on oen ptetext or another. russia and china msut arm all those who oppose anglosaxon evil empoire and must tsupport inssurrerection in england and usa then have those countries bombed.
    Why did we think US would leave Afghanistan?? LOL
    Much easier to keep an eye on Russia and China from the Eurasian landmass – all the more rapidly they can meddle in other nation’s business when the need arises. They can’t be guaranteed that a stable Afghan gov’t. can be trusted to do its bidding.
    Plus what are they gonna do with those hundreds of bases? The airfields? The Afghans have an Air Force now? Shepherds and goat herders would live in those bases I bet, plus they can race their goats on the runway.

    The only way the US leaves is if China Russia Pakistan get together and blast them out, at great cost to themselves.

  2. avatar says:

    All plots r done by the evil english nation -read dumas interview-they pass the blame2 jews if turned unpopular.
    England is head of the family. USA is just the loud mouthed son with a fancy car.
    Even after French ex minster Dumas saying that English planned Syrian terrorism years ago-rus talks?
    england is running a WW3 against all non-anglo nations of course it needs American arms for that.

    Gulf war plotted by witch thatcher, first Iraq war by criminal tony blair- this Syrian war again by english rats.
    only when wars become unpopular the english stop taking credit for that and let blame b placed on Jews
    and stupid people including hitler blamed jews while it was all along the english parasites who loot.
    england lives off protection money from the international criminals who get asylum in england 4 money.
    biggest money laundering is done by the english race in london calling it service industry.

    There is nothing these anglosaxon creatures enjoy more than hating others, either the poor and downtrodden, those of other races or religions.
    anglophile Kissinger promised british controlled gulf monarchies protection racket run by the british -usa.

    World war one and two plotted and started by england.
    The GCHQ and NSA not only are used for national security but also for economic gains and stealing secrets that give an advantage to English and US corporations and government. By intercepting the “bottom line” negotiating positions of foreign governments, they have been able to shape international treaties and negotiations in their own favour: They will know, for example, the exact health status of the king of Saudi Arabia, the secret financial transactions of the president of Peru, the negotiating position of South Africa’s trade delegation to the World Trade Organization, or the anti-abortion strategy of the Pope in the United Nations.

  3. avatar says:

    Napoleon’s attack on Russia plotted by england (to which Napoleon the Great himself admitted).
    Considering the extent of the disaster(at battle of Austerlitz and of Ulm before that in 1805 instigated by england with money stolen from India), The Austrian Emperor said


    The Emperor forgot to mention that the payment is from the victim or some other people’s wealth.

    And English are too coward to fight on their own-they have never won a single war on their own since boar war in 1899 and that too with all resources of loot from empire.
    With a force that peaked at almost half a million men, more than double the entire Boer population of the Transvaal, against an estimated 40,000 Boers in the field, the British expected an easy victory. Easy?

    Docherty, Gerry; MacGregor, James (2013-07-04). Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War (Kindle Locations 753-755). Mainstream Publishing. Kindle Edition.
    At the same time, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the English and Obama regimes created, trained and funded the terror group known as the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), allowed them to rampage throughout both Syria and Iraq, then labelled them an existential threat, and is currently waging war against them along with their EU allies and Sunni monarchy lapdogs.

  4. avatar says:

    The world has to rise against this anglosaxon who are waging race war agasint all non anglosaxonas -, That evil can be defeated and eliminated -only people have to recognize real enemy and then eliminate them.

    It should be noted that Brzezinski was also the main architect of the creation of al-Qaeda itself as far back as the 1970s when he organized, armed, funded, and trained what was then called the Mujahideen in Afghanistan but is now commonly known as al-Qaeda. Ironically, the Taliban was yet another offshoot of the al-Qaeda/Mujahideen network.

    Ands that brzeninski is no jew lover but is rabid anglophile just like henry Kissinger-they both work for English scumbags in London.
    Thus, the conclusion is obvious. Willingly or not, Downing Street and the White House provoked the guerrillas to these latest attacks [Beslan school massacre in 2004]. Willingly or not, Great Britain and the USA have nurtured the separatists with material, information and diplomatic resources. Willingly or not, the policy of London and Washington fostered the current terrorist acts.” “As the ancients said, cui bono?

  5. avatar says:

    october 2002

    On the day Chechen terrorists took hostage of 500 civilians in
    A Moscow theater, The headline of BBC was not about that but about sharp shooter terrorist being supposedly caught in Washington> In fact theirs Chechnya news was fifth in item(including head line) . These days at last the british media even say about Chechnya terrorist as terrorist otherwise 2 years ago they were always calling them freedom fighters(which they are -but that is another story). In fact the British media and england as a country had been actively supporting and giving material help to Chechnya terrorists aided by CIA and British spy and British media as well).
    If you look at the report of British media then you realize the British involvement in terrorism by the Chechnya terrorists. When three multistory flats were wiped pout by terrorist in central Moscow a few years ago there was a glee in british reporting and a criticism of later security arrangemnt by Russian forces in Moscow. of course the British media would have been horrified and barking like a dog(which they are) if the Russians had decided to destroy Chechnya civilians as the Americans did in Afghanistan. Then you realize the humbug of British propaganda against terrorism-it is selective and meant to facilitate British infiltration in other countries, In fact the afganistan govt(after fall of Taliban) was opposed to british troops (after all Americans fought -what have British got to do with that ?)presence in Afghanistan-but arm twisting by british through American help ensures that British troops are there in Afghanistan they are foreign infiltrators and thus should be eliminated(they have less legal reason to be in Afghanistan than the soviets who had been primarily invited by the govt, of the day). the British involvement in international terrorism is not confined to against Russian interest only.

  6. avatar says:
    Ruble Takedown Exposes Cracks in Putin’s Defense

    “Like we said, Putin might be a great chess player, but in his battle with the US, he’s getting his clock cleaned. So far, he’s been no match for the maniacal focus and relentless savagery of the Washington powerbrokers. Yes, he’s formed critical alliances across Asia and the world. He’s also created competing institutions (like the BRICS bank) that could break the imperial grip on global finance. And, he’s also expounded a vision of a new world in which “one center of power” does not dictate the rules to everyone else. That’s all great, but he’s losing the war, and that’s what counts. Washington doesn’t care about peoples’ dreams or aspirations. What they care about is ruling the world with an iron fist, which is precisely what they intend to do for the next century or so unless someone stops them. Putin’s actions, however admirable, have not yet changed that basic dynamic. In fact, this latest debacle (authored by the RCB) is a severe setback for the country and could impact Russia’s ability to defend itself against US-NATO aggression.

    So what does Putin need to do to reverse the current trend?

    The first order of business should be a fundamental change in approach followed by a quick switch from defense to offense. There should be no doubt by now, that Washington is going for the jugular. The attack on the ruble provides clear evidence that the US will not be satisfied until Russia has been decimated and reduced to “a permanent state of colonial dependency.” (Chomsky) The United States has launched a full-blown economic war on Russia and yet the Kremlin is still acting like Washington’s punching bag. You can’t win a war like that. You have to take the initiative; take chances, be bold, think outside the box.”

  7. avatar says:

    Modus operandi of england and its stooge USA is to make chaos around the world so everyone send (park) their money(in dollars and pound sterling ) to the “quite” place – English pirate tax havens and USA, then they with start the hyperinflation and erase their debt nominated in dollars…and restart the system (metropolian- collony). while the rest of the world will be in chaos. This is a protection racket done by anglos through drug and money laundering in a massive scale until now.
    so called Democracies, as a rule, are the greatest impediments to creating justice, openness, equal political power, honesty, interdependence, sound information [in sound minds] trustworthiness, peace at home and in the world,
    IT WILL NOT WORK because China and Russia are NOW united against common enemy…they know about england and USA’s plans.
    As exactly opposed to reality what about the US which bombarded the world with thousands of propagandistic movies the last four decades with heroic lonesome soldiers who were winning whole armies with american weapons from the future?

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