The Moment of Truth

Please note: the event starts at 21:40!

An international all-star lineup of the White House’s most-loathed shared a stage in New Zealand’s largest city for a rally billed by the event’s host, Kim Dotcom, as the Moment of Truth.

Bathed in red and white lights and cheered on by a capacity audience of about 1,500 at the Auckland town hall, the internet entrepreneur turned political party founder sat alongside journalist Glenn Greenwald at a table emblazoned, in case there was any doubt, with the words the Moment of Truth.

On the big screen above, Greenwald’s source, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, was beamed in live from Moscow, while fellow fugitive Julian Assange peered from a screen beside him, also beamed in live from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

All were given thundering ovations from a crowd who, five days away from New Zealand’s general election, were energised by articles published hours earlier by Greenwald and Snowden alleging mass surveillance in New Zealand and duplicity on the part of the prime minister, John Key.

Source: The Guardian

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