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Juice Rap News: Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality, and why is it so important to the future of the Internet? Find out by joining Robert Foster as he takes a whimsical trip into the World Wide Web, with its founder Tim Berners-Lee.

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Miko Peled: Israel is a Racist, Apartheid State

Abby Martin interviews Miko Peled, son of one of the founding fathers of the state of Israel and author of the book “The General’s Son” about the recent killing of two Palestinian youths by IDF soldiers, the Supreme Court case … Continue reading

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Head of Fake Libyan Revolution Admits: Gaddafi Did Not Kill His Own People

America and NATO ended secularism in Libya and brought Islamic extremists to power, who have committed many crimes, including massacring thousands of black Libyans during the immediate stages after the destruction of Gaddafi’s regime. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Head of the … Continue reading

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