Ray McGovern Singing Russian Love Song on SophieCo

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, while making a point about Western media coverage of Ukraine, performs the romantic WWII ballad ‘Katyusha’ on SophieCo. Watch the full interview below:

The Ukrainian crisis may have seen a flickering light at the end of the tunnel, as politicians from the great powers collided over the former Soviet state are now bringing up the idea of having four-sided talks between the US, EU, Russia and Ukraine itself. But with the east of the Ukraine boiling with new wave of protests, and Kiev’s government being fed with unreasonable promises from Washington — what will tomorrow hold for the Ukrainians themselves? Are talks a real possibility? Will there be any use of them? To find this out, Sophie talks to Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst turned whistleblower.

By the way, Sophie is also the granddaughter of former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze.

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1 Response to Ray McGovern Singing Russian Love Song on SophieCo

  1. Howard says:

    He is a gem and he just got beat up by NYPD trying to attend a public meeting for which he had a ticket.

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