Disappearance of Missing Malaysian Plane was No Accident

The case of the mysterious disappearance of Flight 370 gets more and more murky. Officials are investigating the passengers and crew of the missing Boeing 777 airliner, after the Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed that communications from the plane were deliberately disabled before it disappeared.

See also: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappeared Through ‘Deliberate Action,’ Prime Minister Says

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1 Response to Disappearance of Missing Malaysian Plane was No Accident

  1. George Galloway about only MP to explain it just as it is try investigating Operation Paperclip US whisk away Nazi War criminals ever wonder where they are or what is left of these Criminals to-day. Obama now not only supportin Paid Psychopaths to over throw Syrian Regime and Libyan he now turns Ukraine into a Neao Natzi State and aplauds their success?
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