US and EU are Paying Ukrainian Rioters and Protesters

A protester demonstrating in support of Ukraine’s integration in the EU in the center of Kiev

By Paul Craig Roberts

As I reported on February 12, “Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine,” Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, a rabid Russophobe and neoconservative warmonger, told the National Press Club last December that the US has “invested” $5 billion in organizing a network to achieve US goals in Ukraine in order to give “Ukraine the future it deserves.” Nuland is the Obama regime official who was caught red-handed naming the members of the Ukrainian government Washington intends to impose on the Ukrainian people once the paid protesters have unseated the current elected and independent government.

What Nuland means by Ukraine’s future under EU overlordship is for Ukraine to be looted like Latvia and Greece and to be used by Washington as a staging ground for US missile bases against Russia.

As Karl Marx wrote, money turns everything into a commodity that is bought and sold. I wouldn’t be surprised if some protesters are working both sides of the street.

Of course, not all of the protesters are paid. There are plenty of gullible dupes in the streets who think they are protesting Ukraine government corruption. I have heard from several. There is little doubt that the Ukraine government is corrupt. What government isn’t? Government corruption is universal, but it is easy to go from the frying pan into the fire. Ukrainian protesters seem to think that they can escape corruption by joining the EU. Obviously, these gullible dupes are unfamiliar with the report on EU corruption issued February 3 by the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs. The report says that a business-political nexus of corruption affects all 28 EU member countries and costs the EU economies $162.2 billion per annum. According to the World Bank, the economic cost of EU corruption is almost as large as the size of Ukrainian GDP.

Clearly, Ukrainians will not escape corruption by joining the EU. Indeed, the corruption will be worse.

I have no objection to Ukrainians protesting government corruption. Indeed, such gullible people could benefit from the lesson they would learn once their country is in the hands of corrupt Brussels and Washington. What I object to is the lack of awareness on the part of the protesters that by permitting themselves to be manipulated by Washington, they are pushing the world toward a dangerous war. I would be surprised if Russia is content to have US military and missile bases in Ukraine.

It was fools like Nuland playing the great game that gave us World War I. World War III would be the last war. Washington’s drive to exploit every opportunity to establish its hegemony over the world is driving us all to nuclear war. Like Nuland, a significant percentage of the population of western Ukraine are Russophobes. I know the case for Ukrainian dislike of Russia, but Ukrainian emotions fueled with Washington’s money should not direct the course of history. No historians will be left to document how gullible and witless Ukrainians set the world up for destruction.

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  1. bbbzsk13 says:
    JACOB ROTHSCHILD, BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD DECLARE WAR TO UKRAINE, SYRIA, VENEZUELA AND THAILAND 1) ” Neo-Nazi Paramilitary Groups Drive Coup in Ukraine, Overriding EU-Imposed Agreement February 23, 2014 • 1:46PM In a webcast Friday, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine leader Natalia Vitrenko warned that the agreement signed that day between President Victor Yanukovych and Parliamentary opposition leaders would not bring a full stop to the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, but “only a comma.” Indeed, within hours of the agreement the radicals now running the Euromaidan encampment in Kiev’s Independence Square had denounced it and demanded the immediate ouster of Yanukovych. On Saturday, the Supreme Rada (Parliament) followed those directions. The Rada passed laws to impeach Yanukovych and hold Presidential elections not at the end of the year, as stated in Friday’s agreement, but on May 25. It voted for the immediate release of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko from prison; by evening, she was giving a speech from the Maidan stage. Internal Affairs Ministry forces had withdrawn from Kiev, leaving the streets under the control of the Maidan militias. Yanukovych flew to the eastern city of Kharkov, while his Kiev estate, Mezhyhirya, was opened to journalists who spent the day sifting through papers and tweeting their findings about the President’s lifestyle and political operations. Parliament appointed Arsen Avakov, a member of the Batkivshchyna Party, as Minister of Internal Affairs. Avakov promptly said that he plans to incorporate the neo-Nazi, Banderist Right Sector movement and the Maidan Self-Defense units into the ministry………From Kharkov, Yanukovych described the events in the capital as a coup and insisted he would not step down. “Everything that is happening today is, to a greater degree, vandalism and bandits, and a coup d’etat,” Yanukovych said in a televised statement. He called the Rada’s laws of Friday and Saturday “illegal,” vowing not to sign them, and compared the situation to the rise of Nazis in the 1930s. Yanukovych reported that his car had been shot at, but said, “I have no fear. I am overwhelmed by grief for our country. I feel responsibility.”…………. A conference in Kharkov yesterday drew governors, regional officials and legislators from eastern and southern Ukraine, with observers from Russia. They called for regional authorities to ensure Constitutional order, especially taking measures to protect arms depots. The meeting adopted a statement that, “The recent decisions of the national Parliament were taken under conditions of terror, threats of violence and death…..” ” The Euromaidan guerrillas and terrorists continue to seize administrative and government buildings in southeast Ukraine. Voters are being stripped by terrorist methods of the right to have the representatives they elected function in local councils. Civilians attempting to defend their elected officials are being mercilessly shot from Kalashnikovs as well as non-lethal weapons, as happened February 22 in Luhansk. The guerrillas, without possessing any government authority and in the absence of a state of emergency, have arrogated to themselves to block major highways with axes and cudgels, to run checkpoints, and to inspect vehicles and the documents of their passengers, barring those they disapprove of from leaving Kiev. They are blockading the access roads to airports, thereby grossly violating the European Convention on Human Rights and Basic Freedoms, which guarantees the inviolability of the individual, freedom of movement, the presumption of innocence, and the right to security and life. They are abasing the dignity and rights of the entire people of Ukraine. On February 23, representatives of those now in power announced the formation of a Ukrainian ethnic community: everyone who uses the Russian language is to be stripped of the status of member of the titular Ukrainian ethnic community and subject to discrimination in civil and political rights. The intention to ban the transmission of Russian Federation television channels in Ukraine, as being mouthpieces of a hostile state, has been announced. This is how the new authorities are defending European values like freedom of speech and opinion. Lists for “lustration” [the disclosure of personal information] have begun to be drawn up. This mechanism will be used to strip the civil and political rights of those who do not share the neo-Nazi views of the new Ukrainian authorities. Sickening vigilante justice continues throughout the country. Deputies of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine who are disapproved of are beaten (including hit with stones), and there is mass intimidation of elected local council members that their families will be destroyed (especially their children) if they fail to carry out the political aims of those now in power. The offices of political parties that are disapproved of are being burned on a mass scale, while political parties and public organizations that do not share the ideology and goals of the new Ukrainian authorities are receiving public threats of persecution and banning. A Euromaidan guerrilla takeover of the Kiev-Pechora Monastery, an Orthodox holy place, and its transfer to the schismatic Filaret [Ukrainian Orthodox Church/Kiev Patriarchate], has begun. This would proceed to the seizure of all Ukrainian Orthodox Church/Moscow Patriarchate churches, with the goal of subordinating them to the Vatican…….. ” WHO IS FINANCING THIS COUP D’ETAT IN UKRAINE ? A) ” Brzezinski remains obsessed with cutting Russia down to size. His 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard, envisioned a Russia fractured into three new entities. Siberia, with all its resources, would no longer be under Moscow’s control……if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as its access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia.”………… In a May 2004 speech, titled “Ukraine and the World,” Brzezinski told a Kiev University audience that Ukraine should be the linchpin of a third round of NATO’s eastward expansion. On Nov. 24, he intervened at an American Enterprise Institute seminar in Washington, D.C., which was hastily organized in the wake of the inconclusive Ukrainian Presidential election, to proclaim, “We are at a historic moment,” because “if democracy succeeds in Ukraine, then Russia must move toward the West.” ” WHO CONTROLS THE NATO THAT HAS INTERESTS TO EMBED UKRAINE ? NATO IS CONTROLLED ALSO BY GOLDMAN SACHS AND DEUTSCHE BANK. ” Bankers love NATO, because NATO loves the bankers. If you want to get an idea just go on the site of the North Atlantic Council, to discover that among the sponsors of the Council are all the major multinational companies, and not just only of the finance. There are even Coca-Cola and Google. The seats of honor are for Deutsche Bank, the usual Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.” GOLDMAN SACHS IS CONNECTED ALSO WITH WARREN BUFFET A FRIEND OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. The same Warren Buffet, that is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, ” agreed to purchase $5 billion in Goldman’s preferred stock “. JACOB ROTHSCHILD “Hosted the European Economic Round Table conference in 2002 at Waddesdon Manor, attended by such figures as James Wolfensohn, Nicky Oppenheimer, Warren Buffet, and Arnold Schwarzenegger ” GOLDMAN SACHS IS CONNECTED ALSO WITH THE BANK EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD OF BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD AND ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD. ZBIGNEW BRZEZINSKI, THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE NATO, IS ALSO RELATED WITH BOOZ ALLEN. THE SON OF BRZEZINSKI ” Ian served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO and was a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton. Ian Brzezinski is a Senior Fellow in the International Security Program and is on the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Advisors Group. Key highlights of his tenure as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy (2001–2005) include the expansion of NATO membership in 2004, the consolidation and reconfiguration of the Alliance’s command structure, the standing up of the NATO Response Force and the coordination of European military contributions to U.S.- and NATO-led operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.” BOOZ ALLEN IS RELATED WITH DEUTSCHE BANK, BLACKSTONE, CARLYLE GROUP, THE BUSH FAMILY, AL QAEDA AND MANY OTHER COMPANIES. ” In 2008 Carlyle Group bought a majority stake in Booz Allen for $2.54 billion.” WHO CONTROLS DEUTSCHE BANK, BLACKSTONE, ETC. ? WE CAN NOTICE RELATIONS AMONG JACOB ROTHSCHILD AND DEUTSCHE BANK. DAVID HAYSEY HEAD OF PUBLIC EQUITIES AT RIT CAPITAL PARTNERS AND IN THE PAST DIRECTOR AT J ROTHSCHILD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, BOTH OWNED BY JACOB ROTHSCHILD, HAS BEEN MANAGING DIRECTOR AT DEUTSCHE BANK ” THERE ARE ALSO LINKS AMONG EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD AND DEUTSCHE BANK. LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD, THE WIFE OF EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, IS A DIRECTOR OF DEUTSCHE BANK. ” In addition, she serves as a Trustee of the ERANDA Foundation (a Rothschild family foundation), the Outward Bound Trust, the Alfred Herrhausen Society of International Dialogue of Deutsche Bank and the Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank. ” DEUTSCHE BANK IS CONNECTED ALSO WITH THE EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD OWNED BY BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD ( ) AND BY HIS WIFE ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD ( ). ” It is no secret, that Brzezinski’s words have oodles of American government money behind them.” B) ” U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland says Washington has spent $5 billion trying to subvert Ukraine C) VICTORIA NULAND IS RELATED WITH JOHN KERRY AND HILLARY CLINTON. ” In the wake of what has been called the «Orange Revolution II» in Ukraine, Kerry’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who previously served as Hillary Clinton’s State Department mouthpiece, threatened sanctions against Ukraine’s government led by President Viktor Yanukovych. ” ” Kerry met with three Ukrainian opposition leaders — Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the Fatherland party, Vitali Klitschko of the UDAR party and Petro Poroschenko of the “Euromaidan” street protest movement — the State Department said.” WARMONGER KERRY IS CONNECTED WITH VERNON JORDAN AND CONSEQUENTLY WITH EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. ” In the 2004 presidential campaign, [VERNON] JORDAN led debate preparation and negotiation efforts on behalf of John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for President.[10] That year he was elected president of the Economic Club of Washington.” ” Lynn Forester [the wife of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD] generously funded Bill Clinton’s election campaigns, is very wealthy, and part of New York’s democratic elite. Evelyn’s former wife, Lady Victoria, also spends her time in New York, but is vigorously campaigning on behalf of the Republican George W. Bush. LYNN is the CEO of ELR Holdings and became a director of The Economist in 2002. She launched FirstMark Communications in the late 1990s and got EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, Henry Kissinger, VERNON JORDAN (senior managing director LAZARD; close Clinton friend and advisor; friend of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD; permanent Bilderberg visitor), Michael J. Price (former managing director LAZARD), Nathan Myhrvold (former CEO Microsoft; PPI Task Force member), and others as its initial directors.” ” In late August 2004, CLINTON and his wife HILLARY, EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, LYNN DE ROTHSCHILD, VERNON JORDAN, and PRINCE ANDREW were all hanging out at the Vineyard at their very own “Anyone but Bush” party. Rothschild and Jordan were jointly celebrating their birthdays that day. Together with his wife he attended the 32nd Williamsburg Conference in Delhi in 2004. ” KERRY IS CONNECTED ALSO WITH CAMERON, A FRIEND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, whose will expresses his intention for “the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire,” would be highly satisfied that Kerry’s first stop is Britain. British Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Peter Westmacott told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell today, “We are very pleased that [Kerry] is beginning this first tour in London, and that feels to us kind of right… and there’s an awful lot of things for [Kerry and British PM David Cameron] to talk about… [F]ront and center on the agenda are bound to be what are we going to do about Syria ” ” ” David Cameron also stayed on the [JACOB] ROTHSCHILD estate during a summer holiday, two years ago. ” CAMERON IS ALSO CONNECTED WITH THE BANK EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD OWNED BY BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD AND BY HIS WIFE ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD. RICHARD H. BRIANCE, CEO OF EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD, IS A DONOR OF THE CAMERON’S PARTY. ” the Conservatives also faced embarrassing questions about party funding, after it emerged the party was handed a loan of more than £1m by a company, owned by Lady Victoria de Rothschild [the former wife of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD], that was set up purely for the purpose of protecting Lady Rothschild’s anonymity. The company, Ironmade Ltd, gave the Conservatives a loan of £1,014,000 in June 2005, before loans from anonymous donors and non-trading companies had been outlawed.” SIR EWEN CAMERON, GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER OF DAVID CAMERON, WAS ” a British accountant and banker who rose to be London head of the [ROTHSCHILDS CONTROLLED] Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. ” “… Such “threats” worked for HSBC in 2012, the Crown Jewel of the British dope trade for centuries which continues to operate freely in the United States, despite having been caught red-handed laundering over $15 billion in drug cartel money into the U.S. (not to mention LAUNDERING AL QAEDA FUNDS), under Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s stated doctrine that systemic banks are “too big to jail.”… ” ( DAVID CAMERON’S FAMILY FORTUNE : THE JERSEY, PANAMA AND GENEVA CONNECTION ) ” …Similarly, British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who will be traveling to Washington to meet with Secretary of State Kerry, warned that without urgent assistance Ukraine’s finances “may not be sustainable” and would be a “grave threat to stability,” according to the London Independent. ” D) HILLARY CLINTON IS AN AGENT OF BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY,FRONT OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” In 1988 he [JACOB ROTHSCHILD] inherited from his aunt, Dorothy de Rothschild, the Waddesdon and Eythrope estates in Buckinghamshire, and began a close association with Waddesdon Manor. This country estate has been a regular venue for visiting heads of state including President Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.” ” HM The QueenMessage from Her Majesty The Queen, Patron of The Royal Institute of International Affairs ‘I warmly congratulate Hillary Clinton on being awarded this year’s Chatham House Prize for her accomplishments as Secretary of State, which build on a long and impressive commitment to working in the service of the public. Members of The Royal Institute of International Affairs have again chosen a worthy winner of this award.’ ” THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY IS CONNECTED WITH JACOB ROTHSCHILD, BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD, ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. THE SAME obama IS A PROSTITUTE OF THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY. ( IT TAKES ONE COURAGEOUS CONGRESSMAN TO START IMPEACHMENT ) ” JACOB ROTHSCHILD, the behind-the-scenes controller of the Inter-Alpha Group, was a partner at Rothschild at the time he set up the Inter-Alpha Group in 1971, using its resources and then leaving in 1980 to continue his special mission, which includes advising the genocidal British Crown and managing the funds of Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall, to finance his kooky, “green” schemes.” ( Lord Rothschild honoured by Prince Charles for support of the arts ) ” Prince Charles already played polo with EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD in his student years and later set up the Interfaith consultations with him. ” Evelyn de Rothschild ” In 1989, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II,[2] for whom he serves as a financial adviser. ” EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD IS ALSO A FRIEND OF PRINCE ANDREW. But the Royal Bank of Scotland, a bank controlled by the British Royal Family, is also connected with the bank Edmond De Rothschild controlled by BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD and by his wife ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD. ” Benjamin de Rothschild, only son of the late Edmond de Rothschild, was a classic case of great expectations gone astray. Despite being groomed for greatness from a young age, as a teenager he skipped university and instead headed for Los Angeles with dreams of being a film producer. In LA he started taking drugs, and ended up on heroin. Meanwhile, he failed to make it into Hollywood’s charmed circle and bombed as a film-maker. ” E) ” Italy’s Il Giornale Exposes Foreign Destabilization of Ukraine February 21, 2014 • 10:43AM In an article entitled “Is Everything Being Manipulated?” Il Giornale correspondent Fausto Biloslavo exposes the large-scale Western interference into Ukrainian. “The Ukraine drift is only the latest battle of the new Cold War between Moscow and Washington, which has been fought in the preceding weeks in a secret way and with spectacular blows. The result is blood flowing in the capital city, while clashes could expand … splitting the country in two. To understand the pieces of the ‘secret war’ puzzle, one must ask, as the weekly Panorama does, ‘What is Open Dialogue doing among the revolutionaries in Maidan square?” Open Dialogue even had a poster in the trade union building, which is now burning, occupied by the ultra-nationalist Svoboda militia, which has now disappeared. On the Warsaw-based NGO website you can read ‘volunteers to support the protest in Kiev are wanted’, with photography experience, but also ‘in first aid….’ “Open Dialogue, which is part of the constellation of associations sponsored by billionaire George Soros, is not the only NGO deployed with the rebels in Maidan. Also the ‘Otpor’ veterans popped up again. Otpor was founded with American money, and played a key role 2001 in Belgrade, in the assault against the Parliament and the fall of Serbian Czar Slobodan Milosevic.” He goes on to say that Bernard-Henri Lévy also showed up in Maidan, the same Lévy who promoted the Libyan revolt against Qaddafi. “Not by chance did the anti-Maidan demonstrators have signs saying ‘Yugoslavia, Libya, Tunisia: Ukraine is next.\'” See LaRouchePAC’s “‘Democracy Projects’ Are Not Democratic: The Case of Ukraine & Russia” Biloslavo also describes the role of the U.S. Embassy. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt met with Akhmetov last December, threatening his financial assets, after which Akhmetov split with Yanukovych. And the Russians have showed a video with bags of money being unloaded from a white airplane at the Kiev airport, and carried on cars bearing the U.S. Embassy plates, $17 million to finance the revolt, etc. ” BERNARD-HENRI LEVY IS CONNECTED WITH NICOLAS SARKOZY AND DAVID CAMERON, AGENTS OF THE QUEEN AND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS ” In Libya, Jibril and his pro-Israel handlers, Bernard-Henri Levy (left), Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron ” ” President Sarkozy, Queen Elizabeth II, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh watch a ceremonial welcome at Windsor on March 26, 2008 in England. President Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy are on a two day state visit to London and Windsor. ” GEORGE SOROS IS AN AGENT OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” For Orange Revolution II, the new «heroes» are ex-boxer and UDAR opposition leader Vitali Klitschko and far-right nationalist Oleh Tyahnybok. Their playbooks are written in Soros boiler shops in Prague, London, Washington, and New York and not in Kyiv. Too many eastern and central European political activists have been «taken in» by the phony «democracy movements» funded by Soros. Needless to say, Soros is not someone who should be a spokesperson, let alone a funder, of what is supposed to be pro-democracy and pro-labor causes. Soros began his sordid career in hedge funds (a combination of a betting parlor and a Ponzi scheme contrivance) in the late 1960s under Georges Coulon Karlweis, the vice chairman of Banque Privée Edmond Rothschild [OWNED BY BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD AND BY HIS WIFE ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD] in Geneva, Switzerland. In the late 1960s, Karlweis provided Rothschild funds to Soros’s Quota and Quantum hedge funds. Karlweis was the grand master of global financial chicanery and shysterism, having been linked to schemes of Bernard Cornfeld’s International Overseas Services (IOS), the firm that Robert Vesco looted before he went into fugitive status. Karlweis also had his fingerprints on the antics of Michael Milken, Drexel Burnham Lambert’s junk bond racketeer. Soros has set himself up as a deep-pocketed prophet for liberal causes, yet he has diminished true progressives by spreading his ill-gotten profits through various front organizations. Soros’s Open Society Institute has supported various pro-democracy front organizations but these groups serve the interests of shadowy global financial corporations, like the Blackstone Group. Blackstone’s former director was Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD, Soros’ old pal and financial colleague. ” BLACKSTONE IS RELATED WITH DEUTSCHE BANK AND THEREFORE ALSO WITH BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD, ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. ” Soros, through his bought-and-paid-for «progressive» media entities has managed to stifle any news that casts light on his own anti-democratic and anti-progressive activities in Europe and around the world. In the first round of themed revolutions sponsored by Soros and his U.S. government collaborators and adhering to the Gene Sharp playbook, New World Order template governments were installed in Ukraine and Georgia. Headed by Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Tymoshenko in Ukraine and Mikheil Saakashvili in Georgia, the pro-NATO and EU governments, installed amid a flurry of «pro-democracy» fanfare, soon descended into corrupt and nepotistic regimes. Tymoshenko and Saakashvili soon were associated with the mafia and corrupt business moguls. Tymoshenko’s one-time business partner, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, began serving a prison term in California for money laundering, corruption, and fraud. Meanwhile, Saakashvili became entangled with the mysterious «Golden Fleece» charity in Cyprus. The neo-cons never recovered from the end of the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko regime because Soros and the themed revolution agitators had invested so much in the inserted government in anticipation of its NATO and EU membership. Yushchenko’s wife, Kateryna Chumachenko Yushchenko, served in the Ronald Reagan White House. Chumachenko also worked in the White House Public Liaison Office where she conducted outreach to various right-wing and anti-communist exile groups in the United States, including the other bastion of the neo-cons, the Heritage Foundation. Now, «Responsibility to Protect» interventionists in the Obama administration are trying to turn back the calendar to 2004 and bring about another non-democratic ouster of an elected government in Ukraine. Across Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Romania, and other countries of eastern and central Europe, the new generation of Soros agitators and provocateurs are trying to launch another series of «themed revolutions.» This time the goal is, once again, prying Ukraine away from Russia and into the EU and NATO. ” F) ” Bild paints its leader Vitali Klitschko as a hero: he could enjoy sun on a Miami beach or somewhere else or spend the money he has earned in sports in a casino. Instead he is openly standing up to the «regime of Yanukovych», writes an enraptured commentator. The well-informed Spiegel reports that a number of European conservative parties and German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself are intent to render Klitschko their support while speaking publicly. UDAR is said to get «logistical support» from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Konrad Adenauer Foundation) and the European People’s Party. The Party is a conglomerate of right-wing forces with Herman Achille Van Rompuy José Manuel Barroso as its vice-presidents. So all the grandees of EU politics are players in the game.. ” MERKEL IS A PUPPET OF DEUTSCHE BANK. ” Opposition lawmakers and German media have accused Ms. Merkel of hosting a private party at taxpayer expense for the birthday of Mr. Ackermann [FORMER CEO OF DEUTSCHE BANK], an influential but controversial figure in Germany. ” ” A German official confirmed that Mr. Ackermann proposed guests’ names to the chancellery. Guests included executives from big German companies such as BASF AG and Siemens AG, as well as media publishers and some leading academics. ” ” Delivering a speech at the German parliament Bundestag in Berlin on November 18, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Ukraine must take «credible steps» in order to clinch a trade agreement with the EU, «We know that reforms cannot completely be carried out in a day. We also want to support Ukraine in its reforms, with offers of cooperation, with financial means from the European Neighborhood Policy. But the conditions for this must be achieved by Ukraine itself and not just sometime, but rather now», she said. With less than two weeks to go before the agreement is due to be signed at a summit in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the European Union has made clear that Ukraine has not done enough to meet the conditions for a signing». ” THE EUROPEAN UNION IS ALSO WELL CONTROLLED BY GOLDMAN SACHS. THE MOST POWERFULL INSTRUMENT OF THE EUROPEAN UNION IS THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK. THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK IS MARIO DRAGHI. ” Draghi was then vice chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of the firm-wide management committee (2002–2005).” G) ” US Senator John McCain said that Ukraine’s future is with Europe and voiced his support for pro-EU protesters after meeting with Ukrainian opposition leaders in the country’s capital of Kiev on Saturday. “We believe that the future of Ukraine lies in Europe. We’ve met with government officials and with members of the opposition,” McCain told reporters. “I look forward to visiting the square tomorrow and I am proud of what the people of Ukraine are doing, so they can restore democracy to their country.” During the meeting with opposition leaders – former boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and far right nationalist Oleh Tyahnybog – McCain was asked for more than just moral support from the US – referring to the possible introduction of sanctions, Unian news agency reported. ” ” Svoboda’s openly pro-Nazi politics have not deterred Senator John McCain from addressing a EuroMaidan rally alongside Tyahnybok, nor did it prevent Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland from enjoying a friendly meeting with the Svoboda leader this February ” JOHN MCCAIN IS CONNECTED WITH JACOB ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. ” In April, Mr McCain passed through London and spoke at a fund-raising dinner for expatriate Americans, where seats at the cheapest tables cost £500 a head. What caught the eye of Judicial Watch, a Washington-based foundation dedicated to combating corruption, was that the event was held “by kind permission of Lord [Jacob] Rothschild and Hon Nathaniel Rothschild” at the family home in Spencer House, St James’s, the only privately owned 17th-century palace in central London. The US Federal Election Committee is still investigating the allegation that Mr McCain’s campaign team broke electoral law by accepting a benefit in kind from the Rothschilds. “We haven’t heard from the FEC yet, and don’t expect to until after the campaign,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said…….. When another member of the clan, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, married the New York businesswoman Lynn Forester, they spent the night of their wedding dinner in the White House as guests of Bill Clinton. Lady Rothschild was a fund-raiser for the Democrats, but defected to the McCain camp after her friend Hillary Clinton was beaten to the nomination by Barack Obama. ” H) JACOB ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD MENACE PUTIN ” Daily Telegraph assistant editor Jeremy Warner, for example, wrote yesterday that Russia could be next on the chopping block. “First Ukraine, next Russia; Ukraine is only a mirror image of Russia’s own, corrupt form of semi-totalitarian, gangster capitalism.” Musing that “we don’t know how Mr. Putin is going to react,” Warner taunted: “If Russia’s sphere of influence is not defended in Ukraine, it can only be a matter of time before the wolves will be at Mr. Putin’s own door… Ukraine must choose, and if it chooses ‘wrongly’ there will be consequences. Military intervention, or separation of Ukraine, cannot be ruled out.” ” Patience Wheatcroft has worked for The Daily Telegraph and is also non-Executive Director of St. James’s Place Capital. ” From his headquarters in St James’s Place in London, JACOB ROTHSCHILD has cultivated an influential set of clients, business associates and friends who have extended his interests far beyond the normal scope of a banker. ”,_4th_Baron_Rothschild ” EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD ” served for a time as a Director of Lord Black’s Daily Telegraph newspaper ” 2) THE WARMONGER MAFIOSI BARONS THAT CONTROL THE NATO LOOK FOR FRESH HUMAN FLESH IN MONTENEGRO. ” Montenegro: Mafia as Guarantor of Euro-Atlantic Integration Boris ALEKSIC (Serbia) | 24.02.2014 | 00:14 On April 30, 1999 NATO aviation delivered two strikes against the township Murino, a small resort in eastern Montenegro. Civilians died, including three children who went to grade school. Fifteen years have passed. Milo Djukanovic, the Montenegrin dictator, said that joining NATO is a political priority for his country. It is emphasized that 2014 is a decisive year because Montenegro must be ready for the NATO’s September summit to be held in the United Kingdom. The expansion of the Alliance to the East will be an issue on the agenda. The authorities affirm that the country has completely changed during in the last 15 years. Podgorica has recognized the independence of Kosovo and Metohija and forgotten those who lost their lives during the NATO aggression. With German funds it is ready to erect a memorial to Hitler’s fascists, who occupied Montenegro during World War II. It is planned to reconstruct the German Nazi soldiers’ cemetery near the Golubovci airport, which was bombed by NATO in 1999. The old and new fascists have one thing in common – they share the feeling of hatred towards the Russian people. ………. It’s not an occasion the US intelligence services during the Second World War were created with the help of German generals: Heinrich Müller, Reinhard Gehlen, Baron Otto von Bolschwing and Emil Augsburg. Montenegro has really changed during the last dozen of years, but Milo Djukanovic is still the same. In his time he was assigned the role an ideal partner of NATO. There is a very important historic aspect to be remembered here. During WWII, the United States resorted to the help of mafia while liberating Italy. According to Swiss professor Daniele Ganser, the alliance between Italian mafia and the United States, as well as mafia and NATO still exists. For instance, Washington uses criminal structures to eliminate its opponents – independent politicians and journalists in Europe. The United States and NATO rely on mafia in the Balkans. They have brought terrorists, drug dealers and illegal traders of human organs to power in Pristina on the territory of occupied Kosovo and Metohija. According to documents in the possession of Italy’s prosecutor’s office and inquiries of independent journalists, Milo Djukanovic has had close ties with Italian and American mafia since a long time. A 409 – page report is added to the indictment brought by Italian prosecution. Prosecutor Giuseppe Scelsi has formally stated that Milo Djukanovic is the top boss of Montenegrin mafia. In the 1980s well-known mafiosi Della Torre organized large heroin supplies from Italy to the US East Coast. There was solid evidence that Della Torre was involved in money laundering. He got profit from heroin trade through Swiss banks, but Americans never brought charges against him with a string attached – he had to cooperate with the US special services. In 1996 the Italian mafiosi started to run his own chain involved in counterfeit cigarettes business. As sources confirm, he worked with Milo Djukanovic. The counterfeit cigarettes trade brought millions of dollars into the pockets of US intelligence. Many of truth pursuers, who stood in the way of the CIA and mafia alliance, paid with their lives, including two journalists: Dusko Jovanovic, the Editor of Montenegrin newspaper Dan, and Ivo Pukanic, Editor-in-Chief of Croatian weekly magazine National. Pukanic has published facts providing ample evidence of the Djukanovic and Subotić involvement in illegal cigarette trade. In March 2011 US Senator Richard Lugar formally proposed to make Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro full-fledged NATO members. According to him, the expansion is of crucial importance for security and democracy in the Balkans. At the beginning of October 2013 Lugar met Djukanovic and said that «Montenegro is the number one candidate for membership in NATO». At the very same time Italian prosecutor Giuseppe Scelsi, who possessed irrefutable evidence of the fact that Djukanovic was involved in criminal activities, was charged in October 2013 with abuse of office. Today Washington lets Djukanovic know that if he makes Montenegro a NATO member, then all the accusations related to criminal activities will be lifted… In 1999 NATO started its expansion to the Balkans by committing a grave crime – an aggression against Yugoslavia. Nowadays the creation of criminal regimes on the territory of former Yugoslavia is a logical continuation of its policy. ” ” In May 1992 , Giovanni Falcone was killed by the Mafia. He was investigating about flows of dirty money , and the track was leading to results that could connect the mafia to important international financial circuits. . Falcone had also found that some prestigious personalities of Palermo were affiliated with some Masonic lodges of Scottish Rite, which also belonged several mafiosi , such as Giovanni Lo Cascio. The track of the Masonic lodges ran parallel to that of the financial circuits, and would have led to certain results , if Falcone had not been killed .” ” Mafia and P2 are joined since the beginning, since the case Sindona ” . ” ” Rather P-1, P-2 and Freemason lodges worldwide – which house the real mafia – are chartered by the delicate tea-sipping white glove hands of the Duke of Kent in London – who answers directly to his cousin Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush family relative who presides over the British House of Windsor. …….. Dope Inc.: The Book that Drove Kissinger Crazy. The Editors of Executive Intelligence Review. Washington, DC. 1992. p.367. ” WHO IS HIDDEN BEHIND DJUKANOVIC, THE NATO, THE NAZISM, THE MAFIA, THE ILLEGAL CIGARETTE TRADE, ETC. ? ” Celebrating: Nat Rothschild [SON OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD], left, Peter Munk and Milo Djukanovic, right, enjoy the celebrations…” ( Montenegro Bought by Rothschild Family ) 3) ” Saudis Are Gearing Up for a Terrorist-Led Showdown with the Syrian Government February 21, 2014 • 11:05AM Having replaced the West-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) military commander-in-chief Selim Idriss with Abdel al-Ilah al-Bachir, Saudi Arabia has virtually announced a violent showdown with the al-Assad government in Damascus. Press TV reported on Thursday that Saudi Arabia is now preparing to provide more than 3,000 tons of heavy arms to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA). “Idriss was identified as someone we could not work with, and we made the strategic decision to suspend all support to the Free Syrian Army until it changed its leadership,” Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic liaison to the FSA told DPA. “Now we can resume arms supplies in full and as fast as possible,” said the official, who did not wish to be named, because he was not authorized to speak to the press See LPAC’s BAE-9/11 page. ………………….” ” Lavrov Warns the West Against Ukraine Blackmail and Syrian Militarization February 21, 2014 • 10:50AM ……Speaking at the 3rd ministerial meeting of the Russia- Council of Cooperation for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG) Strategic Dialogue on Feb. 19, Lavrov, indirectly addressing the Gulf countries, had warned of the dangers of further militarization of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon — countries where the Saudi-Qatar financed Sunni terrorists, backed by the West, are pushing for regime-change and breaking up of the countries. He said: “Instability in Syria arouses concern. It attracts all-types of radicals, who positioned themselves outside the law. We should jointly fight terrorism. We see its risks outside Syria — in Iraq and Lebanon.” He said, “We express solidarity with those who can turn out to be in the cross-hairs of terrorists,” adding, “Despite the disagreements on Syria, we talk openly and hide nothing.” ” WHO IS HIDDEN BEHIND THE SAUDI-QATAR FINANCED TERRORISTS ? A) ” The following report posted on LaRouche PAC on Sept. 19 needs to be recalled and rubbed in the faces of these and other paid stooges of the British-Saudi Nazi operations, in light of Prince Bandar’s latest threats against the U.S. On September 13th, Congressional Staffer Kenneth Cummings, an aide to Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, was presented with the evidence that Saudi Arabia was behind both 9/11 attacks on the United States, on US soil in 2001 and in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, and that the Saudis were also funding and arming Al-Qaeda in Syria. Cummings response to the representatives of LaRouche PAC was to repeatedly insist that “We need the Saudis.” Cummings further asserted that the Congressional leadership would never allow the declassification of the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report which details the Saudi financing and operational role in that horrific terrorist assault. On August 25th, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “A Veteran Saudi Power Player works to Build Support to Topple Assad,” which documents the role of Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan in lavishly lobbying members of Congress to support Saudi Arabia’s genocidal wars in the Middle East. Multiple intelligence sources have reported that Saudi largesse, in the form of massive contributions, is flowing to members of Congress. Prince Bandar was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States at the time of the 9/11/2001 attacks and his wife, Princess Haifa Al-Faisal wrote checks to the networks around Omar Al-Bayoumi, the handler of the terrorists who murdered our fellow citizens twelve years ago. Was Kenneth Cummings speaking for himself, or, was he speaking for Congressman Van Hollen who is part of the Democratic Party leadership? If Cummings was speaking out of turn, then Van Hollen should fire him. If this is Van Hollen’s position, then Van Hollen should explain his support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is an enemy of the United States, as has been documented in the withheld pages of the 9/11 Commission Report. The Constitution defines treason as “adherence to the enemies of the United States” and “giving them aid and comfort.” Lyndon LaRouche has characterized the continuing support for Saudi Arabia by members of Congress or their staffs as treasonous, given what is known or is readily available to be known about the Saudi role in direct attacks on this country. In a recent press release, Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) issued a call for the declassification of the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report. “As we commemorate the 12th anniversary of 9/11, it saddens me that vital evidence of this heinous attack is still being withheld from the American people. As a member of Congress, I had the opportunity to read the 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the attacks that have not been made public, and I believe that keeping this information classified is more about protecting powerful interests than our national security.” Former Senator Bob Graham, Congressman Jones, and the families of the 9/11 victims have repeatedly called for the release of this information to obtain justice and closure. Congress remains largely silent based on Saudi money, influence, and cowardice in the face of a secret government apparatus which dates from the days of J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles. It is time to end all of this — release the 28 pages now. ” ” Al-Massari is allied with the well-known Saudi expatriate Osama bin Laden, who, to this day, maintains a residence in the wealthy London suburb of Wembly. And London is the headquarters of bin Laden’s Advise and Reform Commission, run by the London-based Khalid al-Fawwaz. Bin Laden has been given regular access to BBC and a variety of major British newspapers, to spread his calls for jihad against the United States. Thus, in July 1996, bin Laden told the London Independent, “What happened in Khobar [the U.S. Army barracks that was bombed on June 25] is a clear proof of the enormous rage of the Saudi population against them. Resistance against America will spread in many places through Muslim lands.” B) BANDAR, THE SAUDIS AND AL QAEDA ARE ALSO LINKED WITH THE BUSH FAMILY, WITH CARLYLE, BLACKSTONE, DEUTSCHE BANK AND THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” former President George H. W. Bush, then a senior adviser to Carlyle ” ” The Bush family has had a long and mutually profitable connection with the corrupt Saudi oil dictatorship. Prince Bandar, Saudi ambassador to the United States, has been an honored guest both at the Bush I summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, and at Bush 11’s getaway in Crawford, Texas (hence his nickname, “Bandar Bush”). Bandar expressed his gratitude to Bush I by donating $1 million to the Bush Presidential Library in Texas. And Bandar’s prodding prompted Saudi King Fahd to send another $1 million to Barbara Bush’s campaign against illiteracy. Saudi Prince al-Walid contributed half a million petrodollars to help launch the George Herbert Walker Bush Scholarship Fund at Phillips Academy, the alma mater of both Bush presidents. The depth of these connections was highlighted when the former president visited the Saudis to “discuss U.S.-Saudi business relations” with Crown Prince Abdullah during his son’s 2000 presidential campaign. And then there is the bin Laden problem. The bin Laden family, a key Carlyle investor, stood to make millions of dollars from the war on terror-a war that has as its chief villain a member of their own family. The bin Ladens withdrew from the Carlyle Group in late October 2001, but it’s not just the bin Laden family proper that was problematic for the Bushes. …….” ( Did Saudi Prince Bandar Give Chemical Weapons to the Syrian Opposition? ) ( Bandar Threatens U.S. and Foreign Journalists Who Exposed Syrian Rebel Role in Chemical Attack ) ” Gelli claimed to be friendly with George Bush – honorary P-2 member and 33rd Degree Mason ” AND THE BUSH FAMILY IS RELATIVE OF THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY, FRONT OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. C) THE ROTHSCHILDS HIDDEN BEHIND obama ARE SUPPORTING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA. ( FIGHTING AL QAEDA BY SUPPORTING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA: THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS A ‘STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM’ ) ” David Cameron, Tony Blair, William Hague, Herman Rompuy, José Manuel Durão Barroso, Barack Obama need to be charged with treason and hanged. They have been funding and breeding these problems and are the core foundation of the spread of terrorism, by the funding and orders of their eager allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Kuwait……….” ( TONY BLAIR. ILLEGITIMATE SON OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD….EVIDENCE ) D) THE EMIR OF QATAR IS A PUPPET OF THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY AND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. “Qatar’s leader visits Britain for talks with David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth II October 26, 2010 According to the AP, “The Emir of Qatar, the ruler of a tiny, oil-rich nation in the Persian Gulf, is visiting Britain for talks with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister David Cameron. Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani began his three-day visit Tuesday with Sheika Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned, the most high-profile of his three wives. Britain is seeking closer ties with Qatar, a British protectorate until 1971, as it attempts to woo new investors……” “British Prime Minister David Cameron greets the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani (L) at Number 10 Downing Street on January 22, 2013 in London, England. During his meeting with Prime Minister Cameron at Downing Street, the Emir of Qatar is expected to discuss the situations in Syria and Iran as well as the Emir’s business interests in the UK. Mr Cameron is due to deliver a long-awaited speech on Britain’s relationship with the EU tomorrow.” E) PRINCE CHARLES, THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ROTHSCHILDS, TAKES PART TO THE DANCE OF THE WAR AGAINST SYRIA. ” 19 February 2014 Last updated at 01:17 GMT Prince Charles takes part in Saudi Arabian sword dance Prince Charles joined members of the Saudi royal family for the Ardah – or sword dance – in the capital Riyadh. The prince wore a traditional ankle-length garment, known as a “thobe”, for the all-male ceremony which is usually performed at events such as weddings. He is touring the Middle East, where he is visiting Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 10th trip It is his second visit to the two nations in just under a year and his 10th official trip to Saudi since he first toured the nation in 1986. The Ardah features hundreds of Saudi Arabian men and boys dancing and singing in formation with swords in hand. The ceremony was performed to celebrate the Janadriyah Festival, an annual cultural event lasting about two weeks which marks all aspects of Saudi life and is being held this week in Riyadh. Prince Charles, wearing a traditional Saudi uniform, dances with a sword during traditional Saudi dancing The prince was taking part in the annual Janadriyah Festival, a celebration of Saudi culture and heritage Prince Charles, wearing a traditional Saudi uniform, dances with a sword during traditional Saudi dancing The event took place at a stadium in the Saudi capital of Riyadh AP reported Buckingham Palace as saying the prince plans to meet the Saudi king before a two-day visit to Qatar The prince’s host was Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, the former head of the Saudi intelligence service who was named as the second deputy prime minister by King Abdullah last year. The Associated Press news agency reported a Buckingham Palace statement that said the prince had also planned to meet the Saudi king before he heads to Qatar for a two-day visit. British ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jon Jenkins had said in a statement prior to the prince’s visit that the royals were expected to discuss the need for reconciliation in the region and their hopes for its future, AP said. ” 4) NAZI BARONS ATTACK VENEZUELA E THAILAND “After helping to foment a political rebellion in Ukraine against the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych, Washington’s propaganda apparatus, which is centered on the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and George Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI), has focused on Venezuela. Venezuela identified three U.S. embassy officials in Caracas meeting with opposition protesters and helping to plan anti-government riots throughout the country. The three U.S. «consular officers» — Breann Marie McCusker, Jeffrey Gordon Elsen and Kristopher Lee Clark – were ordered expelled by the Venezuelan government. Last October, Venezuela expelled another three U.S. diplomats – chargé d’affaires Kelly Keiderling, David Moo, and Elizabeth Hoffman — for involvement in fomenting domestic unrest. The six so-called diplomats were involved in activities often associated with «official cover» CIA agents. Just as was the case with U.S. ambassador to Kyiv Geoffrey Pyatt and the visiting foul-mouthed Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland meeting with Ukrainian opposition leaders to help plan anti-government protests, the American diplomats in Caracas were charged with meeting opposition forces loyal to Leopoldo Lopez, the Harvard-trained agent for U.S. corporate interests. The Venezuelan government charged that Lopez, like the other Venezuelan opposition leader, Henrique Capriles Radonski, received covert financial support from the CIA via such organizations as the NED and USAID to plan protests and launch economic sabotage against Venezuela. Links have been established between Lopez’s Voluntad Popular political party and front organizations associated with the right-wing and pro-Israeli narco-terrorist, former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. Money, with obvious CIA and narco-terrorist fingerprints, has been funneled to Lopez’s party by such Soros-sounding Uribe fronts as the Center for Thought Foundation of Colombia First and Democratic Internationalism Foundation…………” CIA IS ALSO TIGHTLY CONNECTED WITH THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” In 1976 Ford brought Bush [RELATIVE OF THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II] back to Washington to become Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), replacing William Colby.[28] He served in this role for 357 days, from January 30, 1976, to January 20, 1977.” ( Hillary, Bush, and Queen Elizabeth II are all related!! ) ” Since the early 1950s, the CIA has used the Ford Foundation as a funding cover. ” THE FORD FOUNDATION AND THE SOROS FOUNDATION ARE WELL RELATED ALSO WITH PRINCE CHARLES AND THEREFORE WITH THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum is an educational charity with close to 50 multinational corporations from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, and several other countries on its executive directorate. The U.S. corporations who work very closely with the prince include: 3M, American Express, TRW, Coca-Cola, SmithKline Beecham, ARCO, CIGNA, DHL Worldwide Express, Levi Strauss & Company, The Perot Group, and U.S. WEST International. Additional partners are the American Chamber of Commerce, American Hotel & Motel Association, The Atlanta Project, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, The City of Charleston, the Ford Foundation, the Kellog Foundation, Eli Lilly, the New York City Housing Partnership, the Office of Ronald Reagan, the Soros Foundation, Texaco, Tufts University, Turner Broadcasting, USAID, and Warnaco, to name a few. ” ” …. In Thailand, the banksters and their local kleptocracy are trying to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Prime Minister Shinawatra. Apparently Shinawatra’s attempts to fund education, medical care, and infrastructure, and institute a minimum wage, offended the oligarchs. In Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand, as in Syria and Egypt before them, the banksters are adding violence to their “color revolution” game plan for destroying democracy. This may seem incongruous, since the NWO intellectual hired gun Gene Sharp, the so-called “Machiavelli of non-violence,” designed the original color revolutions as purportedly peaceful and democratic uprisings. But Sharp’s so-called color revolutions, beginning with Georgia’s Rose Revolution of 2003 and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2004, were never genuine people’s revolutions. They were bankster takeover attempts from the beginning. George Soros would funnel Rothschild money to ambitious, power-hungry apparatchiks, who would inundate their target countries with propaganda and hire rent-a-mobs to dress in a particular color and make a spectacle of themselves in the public square, in hopes of duping naive young people into joining the “revolution” – whose real goal is always to install a NWO puppet leader. But now the pretense of nonviolence and democracy has evaporated. The New World Order’s smiling Mickey Mouse mask has fallen away, revealing the bloodthirsty grin of satanic banksters bent on establishing an Orwellian one-world dictatorship. In Syria, the “peaceful uprising” of March 2011 became a pretext for sending in heavily armed thugs and terrorists on a destabilization mission. In Egypt, the bankster-generated “uprising” last summer was a manufactured excuse for a violent coup d’état. In Thailand, Venezuela and Ukraine, the banksters are paying hooligans to stage violent protests, destroy public property, fight police, and incite mayhem – in hopes of violently overthrowing democratically-elected governments. This is pure fascism. Fascism is fake populism. Self-styled fascist “revolutionaries” are paid to dress up in colors or uniforms, goose-step around the public square, overthrow democratically-elected governments…and institute a veiled dictatorship of the rich, in which corporate and governmental power merge. That is what Mussolini did in 1922. It is what Hitler did in 1933. And it is what the neoconservatives, and their bankster sponsors, are doing today…all over the world. The 9/11 Reichstag Fire, which turned the world’s sole superpower decisively toward total fascism, was the gunshot that set off the avalanche. The end-game: A global fascist dictatorship that would make the Third Reich look like a walk in the park. There is only one way to defeat these monsters. All great fortunes, beginning with the trillion-dollar treasure hordes of the Rothschilds and their friends, must be confiscated and returned to the public treasury. All of the big banks must be nationalized, and their operations must be made completely transparent. All major financial transactions must be taxed and closely regulated. And all of the biggest corporations, starting with those that own the mainstream media, must be broken into small pieces by anti-trust action. This revolution – the overthrow of the global oligarchy – is the only revolution that matters. IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUE NAZI AND SATANIC NATURE OF SOME BANKERS, IS SUFFICIENT TO PAY ATTENTION TO SOME “REASONINGS” OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD THROUGH HIS PUPPET schwarzenegger. ” “I admired Hitler… because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. And I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for his way of getting to the people and so on… “We can’t live without authority. Because I feel that a certain amount of people who were meant to do this and control; and larger amount, like 95% of the people, who we have to tell what to do and how to keep order. That is why I am all for it… I feel if you want to create a strong nation and a strong country you cannot let everybody be an individual, because everybody has his own opinions and you can’t just stick together as a strong nation. Then you have to tell people what to do and you can’t just let them float away. In Germany there was a lot of unity. The German soldiers were the best, and with the police force and everything… “America…. There is one thing I don’t like here and that people go on their own little trips too much. The unity isn’t there anymore. And I don’t think it’s too much the people’s fault. I think it’s because we don’t have a strong leader here… “To speak to maybe 50,000 people at one time and have them cheer, or like Hitler in the Nuremberg Stadium, and have all those people scream at you and just being in total agreement with whatever you say…”

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