Al-Jaafari: Terrorists Supported by Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Committed Massacres in Adra

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari called for pressuring the governing regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to cease funding, supporting and providing facilitations to the terrorist groups which are committing barbaric massacres against civilians in Syria.

In statements to journalists following a closed Security Council session on Monday evening, al-Jaafari shared details on the crimes committed in Adra by the so-called Jabhat al-Nusra or Islamic fronts or Islamic army, saying that these mercenaries came to Syria under the support and funding of Saudi, Qatari and Turkish intelligence agencies and committed massacres against civilians in Adra.

He pointed out that the Syrian Army is present in that area, but the terrorist groups are using civilians as human shields, which is why a wide-scale operation isn’t currently possible because the Army wants to preserve citizens’ lives.

On the results of the letters sent by Syria to the UN regarding the terrorists’ massacres against civilians in Adra, al-Jaafari said that one cannot expect miracles from the UN as Syria has already sent hundreds of documented letters to the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council but nothing came of them, because there are permanent members who support terrorism and cover up terrorists’ crimes in Syria.

Al-Jaafari called on all countries to shoulder their responsibilities, stressing that to not deal seriously with the terrorism backed by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia which is affecting Syria will lead to a wider spread of terrorism in the world and an uncontrollable outburst in the region which will be difficult to control later.

“This terrorism will affect the regimes which fund it now. Those who bring the genie out of the bottle will not be able to return it to the bottle, and those who play with fire will definitely be burned by it,” he concluded.

It should be noted that the Foreign and Expatiates Ministry sent letters on Monday to the UN-Secretary General, the head of the Security Council, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and head of the Human Rights Council regarding the massacre committed by terrorist groups on December 14th in Adra city in Damascus Countryside.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

Adra Massacre: Militants Show Photos of Those They Beheaded

Extremist militants have posted photos of people they have beheaded in Syria’s Adra, located near the capital of Damascus. Survivors have been describing unprecedented levels of atrocities committed by the extremist militants who attacked their town to kill.

According to Arabic language al-Haghigha website, horrified people have been running away from Adra after witnessing militants attacking homes and executing people family by family.

A witness estimated number of militants was between 1,000 to 1,500, who entered the town on Wednesday, December 11th.

Another one described, “We woke up at dawn with the sound of bullets… we saw men carrying black flags of Jaish al-Islam and al-Nusra Front. Some of them were singing ‘Alawites we have come to cut off your head’s song and this was the song they first sang at the start of the war in Idlib.”

According to reports, slaughtering people continued until Wednesday night, while hundreds were wounded and many were kidnapped and held by the militants to prevent the army of bombing the places they were hiding.

Full story and photos (very graphic) at: Al-Alam

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