To Regain World Respect, US Must Dump Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama (Photo: AP / Charles Dharapak)

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

The US government has lost the world’s respect. When Obama calls on the world to wage war on Syria, the world says “no thank you.” When the US orders its Syrian rebel mercenaries to go to Geneva, the mercenaries refuse.

When the US orders its “good mercenaries” (the Free Syrian Army) to disavow the “bad mercenaries” (the al-Qaeda Takfiris) neither pays any attention. And when it orders the “good mercenaries” to join the so-called Syrian National Coalition, they laugh in America’s face.

When mercenaries flout the orders of their paymasters, the paymasters are being disrespected.

Another band of mercenaries that has lost respect for its American paymasters is the Egyptian army. The new Pharaoh of Egypt, General al-Sisi, is ignoring pathetic whimpers about human rights and democracy emanating from Washington, DC. Al-Sisi, who hails from a Moroccan Jewish background and is rumored to be an Israeli agent, continues to butcher peaceful protestors as he establishes a dictatorship whose viciousness and autocracy are far beyond anything Mubarak ever dreamed of.

Al-Sisi’s coup was approved in Tel Aviv, not Washington DC. The Israelis assured al-Sisi that they own Washington, DC, so he shouldn’t worry about the Americans cutting off the billions of dollars al-Sisi is getting from the US taxpayer. During and since the coup, al-Sisi has been in non-stop contact with his Israeli handlers, who appear to be the real power governing Egypt … just as they are the real power in Washington, DC.

Might the Israeli occupation of Washington, DC have something to do with America’s loss of respect throughout the world?

A disastrous series of wars in the Middle East has bankrupted America. The real cost of these wars is in the trillions of dollars. The American economy is a shambles. The government went into shutdown mode, then emerged on life-support. The whole world is astonished by the pathetic spectacle of the world’s supposed sole superpower on the verge of collapse.

Were the wars that have bankrupted the US fought for Israel – not for any conceivable US interest?

If we ask “who gains” from America’s 9/11 wars, the answer is obvious: The real beneficiary is Israel, not the United States.

Full article at: Press TV

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