International War Criminals

Press TV‘s documentary program “International War Criminals” looks at the legal bases of the US and UK led invasion of Iraq in 2003 through an interview with the renowned international criminal law expert, Francis Boyle.

The terrorist events of 9/11 led to drastic changes in the US foreign policy, especially with regard to the Middle East. Under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the US and UK invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Two years later on March 20th, 2003, they launched a military invasion on Iraq. Apart from the fact that these invasions were illegitimate under international law, the war crimes committed by occupying troops in these countries gave new dimensions to international law violations by the US, its key ally the UK, their senior officials, and above all, George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Despite the wide range of war crimes during the US and UK’s invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan, the United Nations Security Council did not take any measures for prosecuting the main criminals, Bush and Blair. Therefore, political considerations along with the interests of the governments are the determining factors in conducting criminal investigations and holding court sessions. Meanwhile, it cannot be denied that the establishment of such courts plays a significant role in the development of the contemporary international law. Certainly, the trial of Bush and Blair would greatly contribute to the prevention of wars and war crimes in the future and ensuring peaceful co-existence among states and nations.

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