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José Mujica: Live with What is Necessary and Fairest

“Human nature is constructed in such a way that you end up learning much more from suffering than from a life of ease.” José Mujica, nicknamed Pepe Mujica, was President of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015. A former Tupamaros freedom … Continue reading

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Uruguay Legalizes Sale and Production of Marijuana

Uruguay has become the first country in the world to legalize both the sale and production of marijuana. President Jose Mujica has championed the measure as a way of combatting the illegal drug industry that has decimated parts of Uruguay. … Continue reading

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José Mujica: The World’s ‘Poorest President’

President José Mujica, the world’s ‘poorest’ president, has surprised the world by making Uruguay the first country to entirely legalise marijuana. A law already passed in the lower house of Congress and expected to pass in the Senate later this … Continue reading

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