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Noam Chomsky on the Never Ending Conflict

Al Jazeera: You have long advocated for a binational solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the two-state solution based on international consensus as the only plausible stepping stone. You still believe that this is the most desirable solution? Chomsky: Well, … Continue reading

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How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings

When the Tail is Wagging the Dog (Photo: Getty Images) By Robert Parry In the final presidential debate of 2016, Hillary Clinton famously called Donald Trump the “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But what’s increasingly clear is that Trump … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Choreographs a Humiliated US Congress

By John V. Walsh First, the Congress is completely humiliated, dancing to the tune of Netanyahu who is the representative of a foreign power. That humiliation extends to every American who cast a vote, expecting the Congresspeople to represent the … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Tunnels-to-Kindergartens Propaganda

One of the most important strikes in the propaganda war for Israel in the last month was dealt by the New York Times and CNN when they ran long pieces giving credence to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Government Knew Teens were Dead as It Whipped Up Racist Frenzy

From the moment three Israeli teens were reported missing last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s military-intelligence apparatus suppressed the flow of information to the general public. Through a toxic blend of propaganda, subterfuge and incitement, they … Continue reading

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Wow! An Israeli Government Minister Speaks the Truth!

By Alan Hart Who was it? Justice Minister and chief negotiator (with the Palestinians) Tzipi Livni. What did she say? On 9 May she said on Army Radio that Israeli settlements were to blame for the failure of peace talks. … Continue reading

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Nixing Mandela Funeral as Too Costly, Bibi Shows World What He’s Truly Made of

In his eleventh-hour decision against attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Netanyahu proved that he is not the smug, petty, vindictive, waffling, in-your-face insulting man he seems. He’s something worse. The problem is not so much that the prime … Continue reading

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