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NBC’s Interview with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sat down with NBC News‘ Keir Simmons to discuss the relationship between President Putin and President Trump.

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Soft Occupation. Investigating America’s Influence on German Politics

Investigative journalist Jurij Kofner is a German citizen. To question the extent to which his country’s policy decisions are influenced by America’s agenda, he explores Germany’s post-war history to understand how relations with the US were formed. He also looks … Continue reading

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CrossTalk: Remembering USS Liberty

Fifty years ago the American naval ship the USS Liberty was brutally attacked by Israeli aircraft. The attack on the Liberty was one of the worst assaults ever carried out on a U.S. Naval vessel in peace time – and … Continue reading

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A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together

Enjoy 🙂

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The Grace and Power of a Chinese Martial Art

Chinese martial arts, known as wushu, combine hundreds of different styles that belong to one of two categories. The so-called “external” styles focus on improving muscle and honing battle skills, as famously practiced by Shaolin monks for example. “Internal” styles … Continue reading

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