Russia Expects Unbiased Assessment of Crimes in Aleppo from International Community

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (Source: Tass)

Russia hopes that the international community will give an impartial assessment of militant crimes in Aleppo, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, told a press briefing on Tuesday.

“Syrians took to Aleppo streets to celebrate the city’s liberation congratulating each other on the victory and thanking Russian and Syrian servicemen,” the diplomat noted. “However, that was a holiday with tears in one’s eyes. We continue to learn new details of what happened in Aleppo when it was controlled by terrorists and extremists. In particular, mass graves containing the remains of dozens of people have been found there. What’s more, it turned out that these people had been tortured.”

“There is every reason to believe that these terrible discoveries will continue,” Zakharova said. She noted that “evidence of these crimes will be handed over to media by the Russian military and made public.” “We hope that the international community will provide an impartial assessment of this bloody carnage, when Syrian citizens were subjected to torture and violence by extremists and terrorists,” the diplomat stressed.

Full article at Al-Masdar News.

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