When Russia Plays by the West’s Rules, It Loses

In a recent op-ed for Czech online newspaper Nova Republika, Slovak-Ukrainian politician, writer and political analyst Sergei Chelemendik suggested that it’s time for Russia to stop playing the game of geopolitics according to the rules established by the West.

Looking to history for examples, Chelemendik recalled that “this is how all the great conquerors and empires acted, long before the globalists and neoconservatives and even before Genghis Khan.”

“And if we are talking about Russian history,” he noted, “we can remember how Peter the Great changed the rules of the game in Europe, making Russia into a new actor in international politics by creating a fleet and a powerful regular army, defeating the previously invincible King of Sweden, and forming the foundations of Russia as a new empire. After that, Russia defeated Napoleon, and once again set up its own rules for Europe, remembered in history as the Holy Alliance” between the imperial powers of Russia, Prussia and Austria.

“Following the Russian Revolution and the world wars, the Soviet empire was born, which once again dictated its own set of rules to the world. These had different names – the Warsaw Pact, the international communist movement, the People’s Democracies, the struggle against imperialism, but they were all rules that the USSR brought to the world, and the world was forced to at least in some measure play by them.”

Playing by Someone Else’s Rules

The writer also noted that “today we have witnessed the last attempts by Russia to act in Europe according to someone else’s rules, which we can conditionally call liberal parliamentary democracy, globalism, and a secret world oligarchy.” In his view, “Russia cannot win at such a game.”

Recalling “some commonly-known facts,” Chelemendik explained that “the United States, which continues to dictate its rules to the entire world and cutely calls this process Full Spectrum Dominance, completely controls the European elite. With some simplification, it can be said that the US controls Europe as a geopolitical entity. Europe is ruled by American puppets, and not by vassals, as is often said, since vassals have at least some, albeit limited, sovereignty, capable of changing their masters, of creating unions, while puppets cannot. And European politicians today are, with few exceptions, puppets” on the strings of Washington and a globalist oligarchy.

The writer noted that recent events in Greece, “the illustrative episode of Alexis Tsipras and his infamous rebellion against the dictates of Brussels, demonstrates who controls Europe and how, what resources they have and what they are capable of. The reality is that they can do anything and everything they want.”

Read the full story at Sputnik International

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1 Response to When Russia Plays by the West’s Rules, It Loses

  1. Well, it seems like Russia and China are doing a pretty good job of dumping trillions of dollars of US Treasury bonds – which apparently is reversing all the “recovery” related to quantitative easing: http://rielpolitik.com/2015/08/27/voodoo-economics-what-chinas-treasury-liquidation-means-1-trillion-qe-in-reverse/

    At least one example of beating the US at their own game.

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