Heroes of Our Time

Tony Blair becomes Serbia PM’s new advisor – only 16 years after pushing for NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia. Kiev’s troops left and no new reports of casualties … Ukraine’s ceasefire worked? And a Saudi cleric says our planet doesn’t revolve around the sun.

Tony Blair Becomes Advisor to… Serbia!

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is coming under fire for signing up to advise the Serbian prime minister, Aleksandar Vucic, in a deal that is allegedly funded by the United Arab Emirates.

Blair — who was a strong advocate of putting ground forces in Kosovo and the bombing of Belgrade in 1999 in the former Republic of Yugoslavia — has been confirmed as having set up a “delivery unit”, under the aegis of Tony Blair Associates.

Blair was to describe his part in the NATO intervention in the Kosovo War — in which the Serbian government was accused of attempting to change “the ethnic composition of Kosovo and creating an apartheid-like society” — as being necessary to “to avert what would otherwise be a humanitarian disaster in Kosovo”.  

The Kosovo Report later determined that “the NATO military intervention was illegal, but legitimate”. Blair is considered a hero in Kosovo for his support for them against the Belgrade government at the time.

Blair’s decision to become an adviser to Vucic’s Belgrade government was confirmed by his office in a statement which said: “This project was directly negotiated and agreed between Serbia and TBA (Tony Blair Associates) following meetings between Tony Blair and the Serbia prime minister and was not part of any wider agreement”.

Full story at: Sputnik International

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