More ‘Proof’ of Russian Troops in Ukraine

President Poroshenko’s PR advisers are helping him turn speeches into a kind of performance art. Sadly for the Ukrainian leader, they are more Laurel and Hardy than Laurence Olivier.

On Saturday, Poroshenko was again engaged in physical theatre, this time in Munich. Holding up Russian passports, he alleged that they belonged to Russian soldiers who had been found on Ukrainian soil. Citing “mountains of (Russian) lies and propaganda,” the Ukrainian President stood on a German stage and, well, lied.

Russian soldiers cannot use their passports while on active service – they must hand them in. Everybody who has ever lived in Russia knows this. Indeed, even contract soldiers are forced to hand in theirs while on army business and, like the troops, they get a replacement military ID. This is why Sochi’s bars are crawling with off-duty Russian military – they can’t go abroad without their travel documents.

However, many Russian civilians who are army reservists (much like the US National Guard) would have both passports and military ID’s. Theoretically, Russian reservists – who are not employed by the Kremlin – could act as volunteers in Ukraine…in much the same way that mercenaries from as far-flung areas such as Spain, Poland, Croatia and Canada have been documented as serving in the Ukrainian civil war.

Source: RT Op-Edge.

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Crystal Clear that Russian Army is in Ukraine, Says PM Yatsenyuk

It is “crystal clear” that Russia has boots on the ground in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Prime Minister has said. Speaking at a news conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry, Arseniy Yatsenyuk said he had strong evidence that President Putin had ordered Russian troops to invade Crimea and the east of Ukraine. He said they were not fighting rebels or guerillas, they were fighting the regular Russian army.

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