The Next Generation of Jihadi Fighters

Kazakh children in the Islamic State’s training camp for boys.

The latest video released by the Al-Hayat Media Centre, the propaganda arm of the Islamic State, shows in shocking detail the brainwashing of children and their inculcation into the ideology of jihad.

Entitled ‘Race Towards Good,’ it introduces Islamic State fighters who have migrated to Syria from Kazakhstan. It is filmed in the Kazakh language with subtitles in Arabic and English. It is clearly intended to encourage other Muslims around the world to come and join the Islamic State by painting a picture of a growing throng of supporters.

The group of fighters from Kazakhstan brought their children with them to be raised in the Islamic State. After showing the men undergoing basic training, followed by advanced training in sniper rifles, the focus shifts to the children.

Aged 8-10 and dressed in identical military uniforms, the Kazakh boys learn firearms, hand-to-hand combat and military drills. It is openly stated by the smiling instructor that he hopes these boys will be the next generation of jihadi soldiers. Once they graduate from the training camp they will be placed into units in the Islamic State’s army.

Watch the video at the Clarion Project or download from the Al-Hayat Media Centre.

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