#NEVERSTOP (Starring Natalia Vodianova, Sochi Paralympics Ambassador)

Natalia Vodianova, Sochi Paralympics Ambassador stars in the motivational short film to raise awareness of the Paralympic cause and people with disabilities in Russia and globally.

NATALIA VODIANOVA: The Paralympic cause is very close to my heart. My younger sister was born with cerebral palsy and during our childhood we experienced all the public stigmas attached to people with disabilities in Russia. I see the problem not in the infrastructure and the lack of a barrier-free environment which is only a consequence of the real problem. The real problem lies in the misguided perceptions and attitudes of society towards people with special needs. The idea of the film is to raise awareness and inspire people to watch the Paralympic Games, support Paralympians and help to create a change in society’s attitude towards people with disabilities. What I learned from some of my friends, Paralympians, is that even the biggest challenge can be seen not as an obstacle but an opportunity and that we choose everyday the way we perceive our life. Paralympic Athletes with their strength and determination show us how you can take the best from what’s on offer and therefore should be seen by us as role models, people who deserve only admiration, praise and our undivided attention.

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