Documentary on Syrian Volunteers (National Defense Forces)

The National Defense Force is a Syrian military group organized by the Syrian government during the Syrian Conflict. The goal was to form an effective, locally based, highly motivated force out of pro-government militias. The NDF receives salaries and military equipment from the government.

The force acts in an infantry role, directly fighting against rebels on the ground and running counter-insurgency operations in coordination with the army which provides them logistical and artillery support. Many NDF fighters are drawn from Syrian minority groups such as Alawites, Christians, and Druze. According to the Washington Post and several analysts, the creation of the group has been successful and has improved the military situation for the government in Syria.

The force is reported to be 60,000-strong as of mid-2013 and is set to grow to 100,000.

Meet the Syrian Lionesses

After their country was subjected to the worst aggressive ‘war for terror’ supported by a collection of countries that each has a bad enough reputation in brutality, war crimes, oppression and long history of blood spilling, and after the Wahhabi religion clerics issued fatwas for ‘Sex Jihad’ in their country, the Syrian women saw no other choice but to learn and train on defending themselves, their families and their country.

Welcome to the world of Syrian Lionesses.

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