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The Coup Against Truth

By Paul Craig Roberts For several years Russia and her president have experienced endless demonization. The Russians know that Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia (done while Putin was at the Beijing Olympics) was a Washington provocation. The Russians know that … Continue reading

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How a Real Statesman Reacts

The Russian president has rejected a suggestion of the foreign ministry to expel 35 American diplomats in response to a similar move by the US. He said Obama’s act was designed to provoke a reaction, but Russia would not take … Continue reading

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Trump’s Zinger Reply to a Cocky Saudi Prince

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media looks at Donald Trump’s tweets in reply to a Saudi prince who tried to pick a fight with him. So the Saudis cut a $25 million dollar cheque to the Clinton Foundation, as you know. I … Continue reading

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Trump and Clinton, Clinton and Trump

Illustration via Russia Insider By Patrick Armstrong To me, the choice in the US election is utterly simple: the most important thing is stopping the perpetual wars of the New American Century. President Clinton means more wars. Deeply implicated in … Continue reading

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