Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert

Image from Vogue’s article about Asma al-Assad (source: The Atlantic)

The link below is to an article about Asma al-Assad that was published by Vogue just before the West launched its brutal war on Syria to oust her and her husband in 2011. It praised the al-Assad family, lauding their reforms in Syria, before the magazine took down the article and attempted to erase its online presence.

Luckily, the article is still available at Signs of the Times

Also see: Mrs. Asma al-Assad Interview with Russia’s Channel 24

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Stand Down Mr. Trump, Stand Down

Trump cut a deal with the deep state, and the neoliberal/neocon/corporate alliance.

On April 6th, 2017, on the 100 year anniversary of America’s entry into World War I, Donald Trump launched airstrikes against against the Syrian government; in retaliation for a gas attack supposedly perpetrated by Assad. There was no investigation, not even a hack job of a frame up like we had in 2003. The evidence we do have contradicts the official story, and the stakes are much higher this time around.

Then before the dust had even settled, Trump pivoted to Asia. Ratcheting up intimidation tactics, towards North Korea. Threatening regime change and practically begging the already insecure Kim Jong-un to do something stupid. And that’s the point. Provoke a response, and then play the victim.

If he can’t get it the old fashion way he might just make one up. Trump cut a deal with the deep state, and the neoliberal/neocon/corporate alliance. They got his back now. As long as they get their war, everybody’s happy.

Make no mistake this is just the beginning. Expect the unexpected in the South China Sea, Iran, and Eastern Europe and on the home front.

The circus tent is coming down, but boy is he gonna give us a show in the meantime.

Trump isn’t just flirting with World War III, he’s inviting it. He wants everyone to know that he’s crazy enough to pull the trigger; thinks it’ll help him twist some arms, thinks he can force the big boys to negotiate.

But this isn’t isn’t a real estate deal, and that’s not an ace he’s got up his sleeve. Nobody wins a nuclear war.

Source: StormCloudsGathering

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This ISIS Video Proves White Helmets Work for ISIS

This footage has NEVER been seen on YouTube before. It shows CIA agent John Cantle in Halab (Aleppo) between 2014 and 2015 where rebels (ISIS) took over the city.

American drones are seen flying around the area so to check up that everything is in order and that ISIS is doing fine. Later that day Syrian military did an airstrike there but John Cantle assures us that “ISIS does not care”.

This footage also shows that the rebels and white helmets work together with ISIS and that the USA and UK governments fund ISIS through the white helmets who all work together in the jihad against atheistic/secular governments.

Related: White Helmets Video with Fake Life-Saving Procedures

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White Helmets Video with Fake Life-Saving Procedures

The White Helmets are adored by western audiences, but loathed by those who have done their due diligence to recognized that the group is nothing more than ISIS in an NGO disguise.

Now a bombshell analysis from the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) accuses the Syria Civil Defense (aka the White Helmets), of falsifying information about its “humanitarian work” in Syria.

According to Swedish human rights activists, so-called “rescue” procedures filmed in White Helmets propaganda videos, is a complete staged hoax.

The procedures in the video and photos below have been carefully analyzed to show that they were carried out on a dead child, who may have been killed by the White Helmets in order to film the footage.

Read the full story at The Duran

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The Syrian WMD Show was Trump’s Production

Gloves are for Sissies. Who needs basic protective gear when dealing with chemical WMDs? The White Helmets have superhuman abilities.

The whole show was designed to let Trump look strong and presidential and to get rid of the “Russia Gate” nonsense the neocons ran against him. The prospect of stopping those attacks was an offer he could not refuse.

The “chemical attack” at Khan Sheikoun was fake and a show, though some people in there were probably real victims of war. This video for example, of doctors and patients in emergence rooms was theater, taken over a longer time period. The main presenter was a well-known Takfiri but with links to British services. The whole show was perfected, by specialists one would think, to fit for U.S. screens. The male “victims” were clean shaven, despite living in al-Qaeda land. They even had two blond “Syrian” kids in there to convince the racists that “revenge” was needed.


“Russia Gate” is – for now – forgiven and forgotten. The NeverTrump-ers laud the strike and want more of them, ever more war and “regime change” in favor of al-Qaeda’s rule.

More strikes may well come. The precedent has been established. Whenever al-Qaeda in Idleb comes under pressure and needs help we will see another fake “chemical attack”. Will Trump follow up on those? Or will he manage to set aside the outrage that will follow such “attacks” when it does not fit his plans? Was this a one-time show? Or will Trump serialize it?

Read the full article at Moon of Alabama

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Carla Ortiz Delivers Powerful Speech about Syria to the United Nations

Good Morning to all the official members and attendees of this conference. My name is Carla Ortiz and I am a film maker. It is an honor to be in your presence and have few minutes to share my testimony.

We all know of the horrific stories and war in Syria, But YET we have THE CHOICE TO TURN THE NEWS OFF OR PUT THE PAPER DOWN to get on with our lives.

I went to Syria because after I turned off the TV I could not turn those images off my head thinking that Syrians don’t have that luxury. I needed to do something so I decided to go there and document myself!

Once in Syria I walked 75% of the country with my team! I saw with my eyes dozens of neighborhoods transformed into ghost cities. I experienced the deadly silence of its empty streets. I dined with a family without knowing it will be their last meal. I drank coffee in homes that no longer had a roof, but their hearts were still full of hope and generosity! Thanking the presence of a westerner in their land. They would even give me their last loaf of bread they had as a meal for their week.

YOU NEED TO know that they are still waiting for us to do the right thing!! From the child in Palmyra that was forced by a terrorist to kill his own people in order to save what was left of his family. To the 14 years old girl that saw her mom being rape several times after her younger sister was taken by these groups for sacred Jihad. They still hope THAT WE WILL for once decide to help them as human beings.

I SAW THE FACE OF TERROR AND WHAT IT DOES TO A CHILD AND A WOMEN before she even becomes one. Do you know what sounds like THE cry of a little boy that HAS JUST testified the murder of his parents? Well, I know what it sounds like and every Syrian knows THIS as well. I have held in my arms mothers crying the death of hundreds of children after a terrorist attack! I had to walk on top of their body pieces left on the ground and leave that child crying that wont let go of my hand.

So? Why are we deaf? How many more conferences do we need to have to understand that our policies and actions have been ineffective. Why is still more important to topple a government than to put an end to terrorism?

Let me tell you that there is a real opposition inside and outside of Syria, but they don’t carry weapons. They don’t want more blood. I spoke with some rebels who told me that they have been absorbed by the strongest forces. Terrorists groups like Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS. We should already know that every time we allow to send weapons to the rebels most of the time they end up in hands of these forces.

So my question is DO WE REALLY CARE FOR THE SYRIANS OR IS THAT WE ARE only LOOKING TO OUR POLITICAL and diplomatic INTERESTS? The UNITED NATIONS is the government of the people regardless of its size or importance in the economic world of powers. So why we have been so ineffective? Why are we not listening to THE VOICES OF SYRIANS?

Full transcript at Al Masdar News

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For the CIA: Your iPhone Becomes MyPhone

WikiLeaks has released the latest batch of documents in its Vault 7 series of documents related to the CIA’s espionage programs. The latest release, dubbed “Dark Matter,” reveals the specific techniques used to target Apple products. RT America‘s Alexey Yaroshevsky has the story.

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The Secret History of ISIS

From veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team comes the inside story of the creation of ISIS, and how the United States missed the many warning signs. The film uncovers the terror group’s earliest plans, the Islamic radicals who became its leaders, and the American failures to stop ISIS’s brutal rise.

Source: PBS Frontline

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UN Agency Condemns Israel’s Apartheid Regime

Placing a Palestinian flag on Israel’s Wall of Shame

A UN agency has accused Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people, and said it was the first time a UN body had clearly made the charge.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman likened the report, which was published by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) on Wednesday, to Der Sturmer—a Nazi propaganda publication that was strongly anti-Semitic.

The report concluded “Israel has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people as a whole.” The accusation—often directed at Israel by its critics—is fiercely rejected by Israel.

Rima Khalaf, UN Under-Secretary General and ESCWA Executive Secretary, said the report was the “first of its type” from a UN body that “clearly and frankly concludes that Israel is a racist state that has established an apartheid system that persecutes the Palestinian people”.

Source: The Independent

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Western Chicken Hawks are Going Cold on Turkey

Turkish residents in the Netherlands waving Turkey’s national flags (Photo: Getty Images)

Where is the increasingly vituperative spat between Turkey and The Netherlands (and other EU countries) going to lead? Why is this political fall-out between fellow NATO members happening at this precise moment?

By Neil Clark

It’s certainly interesting to note how the Western party line on Erdogan seems to harden whenever Turkish and Russian leaders get together to discuss closer economic/military co-operation (as they did in Moscow only last week), and how, conversely, democratic concerns seem to evaporate when Ankara is at loggerheads with the Kremlin. Erdogan’s pledge to support Syria’s territorial integrity, and his opposition to the country being Balkanized would not have gone down well with those who want to see the Arab Republic cut up into little pieces.

Even though he doesn’t mention Turkey explicitly in his new book, ‘The New World Order in Action, Globalization, the Brexit Revolution and the Left,’ the Greek left-wing writer Takis Fotopoulos helps us to understand very clearly what’s going on. His thesis is that the transnational elite, which consists of a network of economic and political elites mainly based in the G7 countries and acting in the interest of transnational corporations and global capital, have as their aim the full integration of every country in the world into the neo-liberal New World Order. Any countries which resist this integration – e.g., Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, or Syria – are targeted for regime change or destruction.

Turkey is partially integrated, as a member of NATO, but is still something of a loose canon. The promise of EU membership, in return for other favors such as restricting the flow of refugees into Europe, is held out as a carrot to keep Ankara on the straight and narrow.

But there’s a snag that’s as large as one of the minarets of the Blue Mosque. The transnational elite support liberal immigration policies and ‘free movement’ of people in EU countries. That’s not because they’re peace-loving, Blue Mink-playing hippies, in favor of the international brotherhood of man, but because of the downward effect on wages (and the consequent upwards impact on profits) that large-scale immigration leads to in an era of weakened trade unions.

However, public opinion in countries ruled by the transnational elite has, at a time of austerity and considerable economic hardship, turned sharply against liberal immigration policies, with voters increasingly attracted to neo-nationalist parties of the populist right, some of whom espouse Islamophobic sentiments quite openly.

The bottom line is that political leaders/potential leaders backed by the transnational elite, such as Mark Rutte in The Netherlands, Merkel in Germany and Emmanuel Macron in France, face stiff challenges from the likes of Geert Wilders, the AfD party, and Marine Le Pen in 2017.

Consequently, they need to be seen, at least in the weeks before their country’s elections (the Dutch general election is March 15th) to be taking a more nationalistic stance, in particular over the Muslim presence in Europe and the ‘threat’ of Islam. So from their viewpoint what better issue to take a stand on than political rallies held in Europe for Turkey’s Islamist President, especially since he’s getting all friendly with the transnational elite’s number one bogeyman: Vladimir Putin.

Right on cue, the globalists’ favored French presidential candidate, the former investment banker and so-called “centrist,” Emmanuel Macron, has come out and called for France to support its European partners and “reject the Turkish government’s abuses,” which he said target “European values.”

However, this deeply cynical strategy of bashing Turkey to gain domestic electoral approval could easily backfire. If this were a game of whist, and clubs were trumps, then Erdogan is holding the ace and king, while the EU leaders, for all their new-found outspokenness, are only holding a seven and a five.

Erdogan’s ace is the threat to open Turkey’s borders to allow millions more refugees to enter Europe. He did, in fact, make that threat last November if the EU blocked membership talks.

A new big influx of migrants is likely to propel Marine Le Pen to the Elysees Palace and end Merkel’s reign in Germany.

Erdogan’s ‘king,’ as it were, would be to move even closer to Moscow and announce that he was planning to “review” Turkey’s membership of NATO. That would also cause panic in Western capitals.

In June last year, the Washington Post-owned Foreign Policy ran an article entitled ‘How do you solve a problem like Erdogan.’

Expect more of the same sort of pieces in neo-con publications in the weeks ahead. But remember, this, like ISIS/Al-Qaeda terrorism, is a ‘problem’ of the Transnational Elite’s own making.

Read the full article at RT Op-Edge

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